Philosophy-in-Motion – Introduction

This Philosophy of constant Change & nonlinear Dynamic
recognizes the co-dependencies & inter-connectivities of everything.
This is a Compass-in-Chaos for the multiplicities of our eternal life-cycle,
an operating & guidance system for the cloud networks
of Social Emotional Intelligence.
As all wisdom is constantly growing & transforming,
this philosophy is a work in progress,
an inspirational tool for the co-creation of sustainable Synergy.

The Philosophy-in-Motion wants to be an interdisciplinary inspiration
for all the wisdom-seekers & social-activists out there looking for solutions.
This ‘new’ Way of Thinking will help us heal our Social Emotional Intelligence
and regain our common-sense of Cloud- or Swarm-Intelligence,
the only form of intelligence able to develop & co-create the Synergy-of-Consensus
which is absolutely essential for our correspondence & collaboration
with, and within our ecosystem.

 This Philosophy entails a comprehensive System Analysis
of the Psychodynamics in our Social Ecological Environment

Eine Philosophie


The Philosophy of a ‘Free Market Economy’ dominates our planet,

a cancerous, psychopathic belief system
which has infected our entire social emotional intelligence
and is now consuming its devotees and their habitat

Now this is a place where individuals have entered a constant warfare with themselves and their environment,
where whole societies go to war just to defend their beliefs in Love, Peace, ‘Freedom’& Democracy,
and where most people live a life they did not choose.

woman in somalia

These are the Philosophies of complete Sickos,

– based on Beliefs in an ‘ultimate’ Good & Evil and in a hierarchic, linear Order of all things,
– created by commandments of separation, domination and reward & punishment.
  This is a Linear Paradigm at the End of its own definition,
– limited & restricted by laws of ‘logic’ which haven’t been revised or changed for centuries,
and are now trapped in a linguistic perception of an ‘absolute’ truth.
– reduced to a Science of marginalization & dialectics of ‘FALSE & TRUE’,
with a rationality of tangible results and final ‘solutions in a box’.

We don’t need more empty promises of bigger-better-faster with quick fixes in green camouflage!
For real ecologic & economic solutions we need a fundamental paradigm shift,
a reconciliation process with our environment, – our planet, our habitat, our Home!

By incorporating ecopsychology, synchronicity and quantum mechanics etc…,
complementing them with our common indigenous spirituality, the essence of our world-religions
and the ancient wisdom of east & west, will synthesize a new wholistic philosophy of constant change,
a philosophy in-tune with our environment,
aware of our interrelationship & belonging to the rest of creation,
conscious about our co-dependency & responsibilities,
realizing that Harmony & Balance mean constant motion & adaptation.
This constant adjustment is the Shift and the Healing process we so urgently looking for …



celtic_knot 14

…a love for wisdom

Recognizing that Life
is constant change 
and Love is not static
or something you can
conquer or possess,
means to understand
that Sustainability
is constant motion.

Love & emotions are fluid, flexible and in-motion.
Loving this Motion, the process of searching,
the quest for wisdom itself, is reason & meaning,
the ‘mother’ of Bliss a constant state of mind

In response to the rigid Laws and hierarchic Order
of this dominating Linear Culture,
here & now a fundamentally different approach
to the natural processes & patterns of life.

The Philosophy-in-Motion
is not a fix or update of old Ideas,
is not another Revolution or Reform;
this is a shift to other levels of thinking,
a constant transformation process in
balance & harmony with our environment,
with the synergy of life.

and Here we are setting things in motion  

a basic Question about…

the Philosophy of Entitlement & Possessions

One of the biggest problems humanity has to solve
is its view on Ownership, Possession & Demarcation incl. all
the Believe Systems & Paradigms we have build around it.
From Jericho and the Great Wall of China to the Berlin Wall,
from the US-Mexico Border back to Jerusalem, they remind
us of our inability to resolve our social-economic conflicts.
These structures reflect the insensitivities of expansion,
conquest & destruction.
These Fences stand for the hierarchic, chauvinistic beliefs,
strong & firmly conditioned into our sub-conciousness.
They represent the completely outdated philosophies of
segregation and human domination.
A pitiful state of mind, unable to cope with the enormous
economic & ecologic problems the world is facing today.
To take down these Walls & Fences, to heal & change
our mind, we need an alternative perspective on life
a new perception ‘in-tune’ with our environment !

The question here is:
? Who Build the Fence around Paradise ? 

A Spiritual World,

– a World we lost when we became Parasites.
for many this became
“…the end of living and the beginning of survival.

 Chief Seattle to the President of the United States.
Jane Ash Poitras
This we know: the earth does not belong to man,
– man belongs to the earth .
All things are connected like the blood that unites us.
Man did not weave the web of life,
he is merely a strand in it .
Whatever he does to the web, he does it to himself !”

This emotional consciousness & knowledge
is absolutely necessary to make the shift from a
fight-for-survival to a life-in-peace & harmony !

– and remember, this is always a personal choice !

Please read the whole Letter 

…nothing but the Truth

– and his is exactly what we are talking about here on this site,
the truth of living in a world with Walls, guarded by man with guns.

But there is only One ‘Real Truth’
and that Truth gets corrupted
every time we are trying to possess it.

Capturing a moment of Truth
by pressing it into hierarchic concepts,
and carving ‘divine’ Laws into stone,
is separating us from the Synergy of Creation.
Creating a right of ownership by justifying it
with a perception of an ultimate right & wrong,
is killing the free flow of life.
Real ‘Truth’ is an organic process of change,
as Real Stability is constant Motion
in Balance & Harmony…

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