a Dynamic Guide for Here & Now

Dynamic is the interrelationship between various facts or concepts
that refers to the conditions & synergy of constant Change.

Where ‘Good’ appears to be: the act of Balancing Disharmonies,
and ‘Bad’ is defined as: insensitive & irresponsible toward
Harmonies of Life as a Whole.

Order vs Dynamic

The CHAOS IS in the HERE & NOW

in the HERE & NOW
to Your

An ancient desire to predict & control the rhythm of life
has imprisoned us in a clockwork of time,
in a race to an imaginary finish-line.

Trapped in Hope, anticipation & predictions we end-up
with miss-calculations, disappointments & regret,
all leading to disagreement & disharmony with our environment,
disconnecting us from the real pulse of life.

At the other End of this Linear Culture,

the Divine Order of Chaos unfolds…


Collectively lost in outdated, linear & hierarchic Belief Systems,
we are looking for new directions & Inspirations.
With a growing number of people, forced to share the rapidly shrinking resources of
this planet, the search for social-economic solutions gets more desperate every day.
With all the social-economic ideologies & systems in place today,
inequality and consequently the discontent with this are on the rise.
The leaders & experts are clueless, incompetent or just
complete sociopaths unable to cope with these challenges.
The rest of us are followers in total denial, or just to numb & dumb to notice anything.
The idea of change can not work in this linear paradigm.
It became just an empty slogan for some opportunistic politicians & economists.
A Belief System of rigid ‘Law & Order’ wants to dominate &
control all aspects of life on this planet & beyond.
Now we have a constant war against wilderness & Chaos,
replacing Real Life with an artificial idea-of-life.

As we should know, at least since Einstein,
Life is in Motion and represents Constant Change,
we just have to shift our mind-set, except these facts,
move on with it, adapt and become the change itself !

– A TRUE CHANGE comes from within,
transforming our individual perception of life.
Here we will find Orientation & Guidelines to navigate
thru the chaos of life. Artificial concepts imposed on
the individual from the ‘outside’ will restrict creativity
and will end up ‘dead in the water

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi


Our life is a constant ‘Quest for Belonging’ but very little is taught about it.
How to navigate thru this constantly changing life remains a mystery for most of us.
Our societies are running around in circles and repeat themselves over & over again
with no real alternative in sight.

Chaos is the Matrix of Creation
and the Reality of the Presence, Past & Future!

Consciousness & Sub- Consciousness
are the Imaginary bearings of our inner ‘Compass’,
a multidimensional ‘Compass’,
a non-linear Guidance System we all share, with Life itself.
How to use this tool takes a lifelong learning process.


This site is the story of my Quest for Belonging,
a comprehensive metaphor of uniting physical, mental & spiritual realities.
The Quest itself is the ‘Compass’, energized by the paradoxical dynamic of chaos.
-This ‘Compass’ is self-answering thru the 3I’s of –

But only a Social Emotional Intelligence,
the only real intelligence there is,
can give us back
this Insight & Vision we so desperately need !

This interactive guidance System, a self-generating,
self-organizing,self-iterating & self-healing tool,
which is constantly re-inventing itself.

Imagination is not a talent of some men, but is the health of every man.”
h Waldo Emerson

Belonging is not a Force of Control or Possession, but the realization of Inclusion, Acceptance & Knowledge, that we fit into our environment, that we are part of an infinite creation, and that we are constantly participate as co-creators !

Look closely, listen carefully, the ‘Chaos of nature has an Order too,
a Dynamic Order which simply includes all the patterns & systems
we know by now, and can comprehend so far !
Not a Linear Order with static Laws & Final Conclusions,
but a Spiritual Energy that is not only creative but has a Healing Power too.
Everything is included & manifests in the HERE & NOW,
every thought, idea or theory concludes in this powerful Chaos.

The 3Is are the language of Chaos ! – Science is just a dialect.
The 3Is are part of the direct communication between
Consciousness & Sub- Consciousness, a Sense of Wisdom.
The 3Is work in Quantum-Dynamics, connecting us with
the Sub-consciousness, unleashing the Synergy of Chaos !

Quantum mechanics works in Multiverses and can only be
experienced in a nonlinear, ‘spiritual’ environment.


Using this ‘Compass in Chaos’ will expand our understanding of reality, give us a new sense of Belonging as well as a new concept of ‘how things work’ in the universe. Changing ‘directions’ back/ahead into the chaos of life will shift our Paradigm of Possession and fosters the healing process.
This ‘Compass’ has no ‘True North’ because real Truth is a Paradox:

Real ‘Truth‘ is constantly changing, as real Stability is constantly in Motion.
Consequently, our concept of LAW & ORDER has disconnected us from TODAY,
Linear Thinking has trapped us inside the body and locked us out off Life.

“We all know that art is not the truth,
art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.”– Picasso

Now, here we are, trying to fight the Chaos with Law & Order.
But as War defeats the Warrior, the Dysfunction, Incompetence & Failure
of our Law & Order become a Chaos of Consciousness.

Nature does not operate within the limitations of Law & Order,
Nature is in constant Motion, in Harmony & Balance,
always Functional, Competent & Successful.
Chaos is the Synergy & Dynamic of Life.


Nature is Chaos, the Garden Eden or Paradise!
God’ is like Chaos, observed and depicted by 7.5 billion blind humans.

But every time we despise Chaos,
want to subdue the 3I’s with ‘Law & Order’,
we deny access to this Divine “Garden of Eden”,
we re-build the Fence around Paradise

Everywhere we try to impose ‘Our Order’, enforce our Laws, we make
war against the Divine ‘Order’ of Chaos, Spirituality and the 3I’s !
We have a Culture of  Bullying and created a society of Prohibitions !
– The Father of all Wars !

Chaos is the nature of CHANGE and has, metaphorically, the characteristic of the Water.
In the Tao-te-ching, Laotse expresses change with the ‘WATER’
character, not the ‘CHANGE’ character.

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water.
Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup,
you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle,
you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot.
Now water can flow or it can crash. – Be water, my friend
.Bruce Lee


Chaos is not the Order of Reward & Punishment,
but an order of Consequences & Responsibility,
not the order of Uniformity & Frontiers but of Diversity & Infinity !

Chaos is not the Law of Possessions, but a Sense of Wisdom & Belonging !


“All Nature’s difference keeps all Nature’s peace.” Alexander Pope


As we all know, possessions & attachments (-even to a cause) are the roots of all suffering. ( Buddha)

Now let the healing process begin, stop Bullying all Nature,
Legalize Imagination & Spirituality, use your Inner Compass,
Decriminalize all Drugs, shift from Prohibition to Acceptance.

“I’m just asking you to hear yourself.
Listen to what you’re really saying
and to what you think you’re saying,
-Control, control, control!
When are you going to realize that nothing can be controlled?
We live in a chaos; – it’s the central issue in everyone’s life.
Man, look around you. Everyone in this parking lot is
struggling for control. And you know what it is they’re
trying to control, each and everyone of them?
-Fear–they’re trying to control their fear.”
-Steve Martin’s character in the film, GRAND CANYON


“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’
But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’
– George Bernard Shaw

Now you get the drift ?

…and that’s a SHIFT !

To be continued in no specific order…

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