Social ‘Economics’ in a Linear Culture ?

– or the Delusion of a ‘Phantom Economy with ‘Bogus Money’

Eco-logy -Economy

Is there any real economy left in our Culture,
now, that we have separated it from ecology ?

Over & over again

 “The ideological foundations of free-market economics and consumer society have collapsed. This collapse is hard for us to fathom. We are still in shock and denial. We cling to old structures of meaning and outdated words to describe them. We have yet to realize that all our political science and economic textbooks have become junk. We have yet to formulate a vocabulary to describe our altered reality. We grasp, on a subliminal level, that laissez-faire capitalism is gone, but we have not viewed the corpse, scheduled the funeral and read the last rites.” Chris Hedges

Economy without Ecology is absolute Nonsense

We need Fundamental Changes


There’s much talk about ‘Changes’ everywhere,
but since everything is in motion,
and all things are constantly changing anyway,
the question remains :
– what do we want to change in particular, or in general ?

Beginning with a clarification:
‘what Kind of Change’
are we talking about ?

Our ‘new’ Changes can easily repeat old mistakes,
reinstate outdated & dysfunctional systems,
and be reactionary in its nature.

So let’s not forget, study your history, remember- remember !


Besides a more fundamental acknowledgement & recognition of the natural dynamic of the problem,
we need a deeper consciousness & wisdom to co-create the necessary Adjustments & Changes
which correspond & correlate to the constantly changing reality.

In order to come up with such Real Changes, and to solve the crises of today,
we need to formulate a New Vocabulary which can be understood by everyone on this planet ! 

“Everything should be made as simple as possible.
Most fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule,
be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone.
If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

Most importantly, we have to learn how to listen to our inside, and observe our environment.
With a better understanding of our Self we could heal our relationship to the environment,
improve communications within us, and throughout society.
These are the fundamental challenges of HERE & NOW, creating new global
and social affinities, and a better dialog between Nations

Adam Smith’s and Alan Greenspan’s Beliefe System of a ‘free market economy’
is  totally corrupted. The preachings of the G20 to ‘restore global growth’
is a complete nonsense, hollow and ready to collapse. These people are walking around
in a shell-shocked daze, completely disoriented. This sort of ‘minds‘ lead us into this swamp,
how can we ever trust them again to get us out of this mess ?-?


Simplicity is the key to the fundamental transformation of our Believes, a healing process we all need in order to find new ways of Togetherness & Belonging

Today all issues are globally, a concern for the human race collectively,
but where the solutions can only be found individually !

Overcoming the divisions & frontiers, braking down walls to find our Common Dreams,
Common Grounds, on OUR Planet, in this Universe !

               We do not need another Revolution we need a Paradigm Shift !

Changing our perception of the Whole

     Change perspective                






For centuries our main formula for survival has been a rational linear thinking.
Blessed with this rationality, and over time, mankind has solved many individual & collective conflicts & problems. This Logic is still our most important tool for any kind of problem solving, but in general restricted to a materialistic level of consciousness.

On this level, Social Economics, in context with our global Ecological issues,
have reached a point where this form of rationality is no longer applicable.
As we witness the current events worldwide, these formulas are exhausted…


  – The End of the Linear Culture !
    – where Linear means, – just a segmentation of the Whole,
limited by Beginning & End,
divided by Property & Values.

In the past, these presumably true & helpful formulas have given us some satisfactory results; they helped us collectively, and in many ways to find A Way Out‘ of trouble. 



We all grew-up with these Teachings,
now we deeply BELIEVE in the 
Hierarchic Order
of these Linear Structures & Systems !




A Belief System is a deeply seeded set of premises or Logical structures, a paradigm we are mostly unaware of,
and often completely ‘unconscious‘ about. – stored in our Subconscious mind.
Now in Possession of this knowledge and these formulas,
these Fundamental Believes became deeply imprinted in our collective sub-conscious.
Now these Dogmas of the Linear Culture seem to possess & control every aspect of our global lives.
We depend on these Believe systems, we can not live with them or without them, an addiction,
a disease which has infected all aspects of our existence.
Of course these drug-dealers, people & organizations, the demagogues on top of this hierarchic system do not want to loose control.
They designed and constructed more Beliefs Systems to cling-onto their ‘World Order‘.
The Fear of Disorder is demonizing other Believes & Lifestyles.
In this Linear Culture we justify Money & Wars with Law & Order, we use Force as an answer to our Problems.
world-hunger copy
is not the answer to oil- & comfort-addiction,
to Pollution & Population-growth,
to Hunger & Extinction.




As Lao-tzu said: To pretend to know when you do not know is a disease.”
And according to the teachings of the old martial arts masters.

“Fighting the Force, will not help the Cause!”




Be-cause Simplicity leads to the Complex !, and because just changing clothes doesn’t make a new person,
and continuing with ‘business as usual’ is just the same old crap in green camouflage,
let us look for answers in the good old tradition of Linear Dynamics.
Let us go back, or advance, to a place where we know it is ‘Common Ground‘,
– something most of us can agree on.


But before we build, or make changes to our ‘House’(eco),
we need a real foundation to build on,
a master-plan or point A to start from –




a new Network Weaving,
for a Real-Economy, in Harmony with Ecology !

spider web resized

Following this way of thinking most people in the world would agree
that the best social economic system, we have so far, is the democratic Model… ?
A System which most of us find trustworthy and safe,
a  solution which took over 2000 years to developed and to fine-tune.
– and then, further down that line, the American Constitution.
But, in dialectic tradition this model evolved, reformed, returned & revolved to an empty chamber,
back to a place were we have been before !

“History does not repeat itself, – It rhymes”

Mark Twain

We have seen these rhymes going on & on, – reactionaries oppose reforms,
counter-revolutions follow Revolutions, and everything got stuck right there.
Now, many generations later, our societies are still trying to find the right solutions & reforms
while  the mental & physical suffering of the world continues to grow every Day !


Often the answer is found right in the question.

So, what is wrong with the American or any other Democracy ?

FIRST, – the ‘American’ way, – the ‘Patriotic‘ act of it…
In a thrive for autarky & in an act of self-determination, the distinction & separation from Great Britain, France, Spain and other power players of their time, was absolute necessary.
But with the claim of Independence, to have a nation with its own set of rules & regulation of lifestyle & believes, also a hierarchic chauvinistic paradigm creeped in.
In good old nationalistic, fascistic tradition, the new legem terrae’
or Law of the Land, re-established the Possession of Water, Air & Soil,
segregating man from nature, distinguishing colors of Skin & Flags.
And the old hi-story repeated itself over & over again,
from Moses to the Conquistadors, from Wounded Knee to Vietnam & Iraq,

from Westward Expansion
Manifest Destiny

Same old ideas…
just another place,
just another time…


For centuries growth & expansion around the globe, the conquest of new  territories
and the exploitation of people & resources was the favorite occupation of the powerful & ruthless.
Whatever or whoever was in the way was overrun or overruled.
The endless wars of Colonialism & Imperialism are still haunting us, consequently followed by
wars of  Religious Believes and their different  Social Political Ideologies, or simply,
boiling down‘ to primitive wars about the Redistribution of Possessions & Wealth.

Growth & Expansion still seem to be the only source
to fuel our economies and are the main concern of our
political thinking.

Nations and Believes collide, unhappiness grows, war & destruction continue.
Flags & ‘Higher Causes’ dominate the individual, their Ideologies & Heroes are ‘bigger than life‘, and with the ‘going-along-with-it’ comes the dis-respect & violation of men & Nature.
The main issue has always been the distribution of Possessions, wealth & power.



                                SECONDLY, – our Democracy !



The founding Fathers of the U.S. Republic looked back to the Greek & Roman models,
forming a natural aristocracy of republican virtue.
By redefining that unpleasant concept of accommodating aristocratic ruling,
they produced a hybrid, a ‘Representative Democracy’, which was similar to
the ancient Roman idea of a ‘mixed constitution,‘ in fact, an ‘Oligarchic Democracy.
However, constitution and state laws have since been modified, with the removal
of the original property requirements for voting, as well as giving the voting right
to women & colored people.
But now this Oligarchy has new & better tools to distract the voters,
drawing away the attention from the real economic & ecological issues.
Mass media events & celebrity culturing make the people comfortably numb,
and is appealing to all sorts of Nationalism & Chauvinism.
But if we look back in History we can easy identify:

– the underlying paradigm of Fascism ;   (– at least it rhymes !)

The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where is becomes stronger than their democratic State itself. That, in its essence, is Fascism – ownership of government by an individual, by a group or by any controlling private owner.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

This is easy to understand if we study the ancient Oligarchy of the Romans and how their Republic transformed into an Empire. But this Empire building has always gone hand in hand with exploitation & impoverishment of the general population. As in Robert Michels theory, the so called ‘Iron Law of Oligarchyeventually transforms any political system into an Oligarchy. According to this interesting school of thought, modern Democracies should be considered as elected Oligarchies.
Look who stands behind, beside & above our representatives and their executive Forces ?
– simply, the greed of Big Money interest, or less than 7,000 multibillionairs globally !
This is  0.0001% of the world population, possessing the globe and everything within it !
These trillions of $, we, the ‘canon-fodder’, the 99.9999%, supposedly owe or chasing-after,
are just some virtual money, not existing toilet paper, a mirage, an illusion of value in the context of real life.

– A Phantom Economy

– a tool for the physical & mental enslavement of the masses.

Real, actual differences between viable political rivals are small, the Oligarchic Elite imposes strict limits on what constitutes an ‘acceptable’ and ‘respectable’ political position, and politicians careers depend heavily on unelected economic- and media elites.
Lobbying, in whatever form, is the rationalization of corruption!
Police state and, ultimately military aggression is required to promote ‘Democracy’ and a ‘Free Global Market’ at gun point.
Now in modern times ‘Imperial Warfare’ is back again, but now on a global scale, the hidden war of wealth distribution,

the Grand Theft Economy or
the Enslavement thru Debt !

While the Kleptocrates still pretend that ‘Free Markets’ work in a fair way and provide equal opportunity for everyone, wealth-distribution became a politically incorrect topic to discuss.
The current form of Globalization is overloaded with multinational corporations which make up 51% of the largest economies in the world.
“Globalization is really a code name for Corporatisation.
It’s an attempt by the largest corporations in the world and the largest banks in the world, to re-engineer the world in such a way that they won’t have to pay decent wages to their employees, and they won’t have to pay taxes to fix potholes and to maintain parks, and to pay pensions to the old and handicapped.”
Paul Hellyer, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

Today we have branded Everything with our heavy footprints, Quantity is the only thing that counts, how much education, fresh water & air, food & energy, time & money we possess, a Belief that people can grow money and get richer by ‘putting money to work !’

– People became a Commodity, an ‘Equation of Quantity’;
– or have you ever seen quality money ?

  Now we can witness the collapse of all these linear Belief Systems,
arriving at their Final point, the Destiny of Growth & Expansion!
– Yes, simple arithmetic !

– the End of the Linear Culture !

Now that the Oligarchy of the rich is exposed and their lies & deception in clear view,
so, what do we do ?
All the ‘experts‘ in Wall-Street-Economics, our ‘leaders’ in governments & corporations, the ‘elite‘ we produced in prestigious universities and business schools, have no clue how to get us out of the economic mess and how to deal with the environmental crisis.
Thanks to their education & conditioning in Linear Thinking, they do not know what to do!
As we can see, to improve once economy, hiring and firing of more
or less employees, taking more from the resources for less effort,
seems to be the only rational solution in this system.
As they say,: “this Deal is a Steal!”

Or just let us ask a simple Question : Are our leaders

a) criminal stupid,
b) criminal ignorant or
c) just simply irresponsible criminals ?



With no new concepts left, there is just more deception and bigger denial.

They have declared War on Imagination long time ago

and they now follow a strict embargo on these 3I’s.

Unless we change (our Self) completely and radically, we will let them make it worse.

They have received so much of our ‘common goods‘, they have been the freeloaders for so many generations, and as we teach our children, now they have to be Responsible for it !

A problem can never be solved on the same level of thinking that identified it. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” Einstein

Is this the next American revolution, as
Dr. Grace Lee Boggs, a long-time Detroit activist and a Bryn Mawr-educated philosopher says:
“We are at a stage in human history that is as monumental as changing from a hunter/gatherer society to an agricultural society and from an agricultural society to and industrial society. Where we’re headed now will be different because we have exhausted planetary space and human space for us to continue to look at things through the Cartesian measurement of material things…

We need to face the way we used the world for our gains, pleasures, satisfactions,” said Grace.“This is the way we evolve to a higher stage of humanity. And unless we want to live in terror for the rest of our lives, we need to change our view about acquiring things. …. We usually think of revolution as violence, however, revolution is more about envisioning what is possible when it appears that things are changing.
What we’re witnessing is a national government that is incapable of solving the questions of our society and our world because politicians are so subject to lobbyists and corporations that fund their campaigns, that they can’t do what needs to be done.
We have the opportunity to take a great leap forward in these very challenging times, we need to change our institutions and ourselves. We need to seize opportunities. We need to launch our imaginations beyond the thinking of the past. We need to discern who we are and expand on our humanness and sacredness. That’s how we change the world, which happens because WE will be the change.”



Yes, we are talking about more then just a reform or revolution,
we are talking about a
Paradigm shift, a new Diaspora!

A new Diaspora dispersed outside the boundaries of the traditional Believe Systems
but among the people of all races, religions & nations.

The problems we facing today have always been Global & Universal.
Blinded by an ancient Linear Culture and by narrow-minded Laws,
we are just starting to realize the limitations of our own creation.

The main issue in Global Economics
is the distribution of our,
so called
‘Possessions’ !

This is the time to redefine the definition of Wealth & Values.
This is our opportunity to continue writing history, Human History as a collective History!

(If the ‘Ten Commandments’ would be written today, they would
probably say: ‘Respect Money and the Ones which handle it for you !’)

– The Law of divine Money !

As we have learned from so many criminal investigators:
‘Follow the money trail’ and you will find the lead to the real parasites of society, the Kings, Bosses & Presidents of countries & industrial empires…
– There you will find the Drug-lords & Weapon-dealers together with their governments & financial institutions, all the hypocrites promoting war against Drugs & Terrorism, the real thieves & murderers of the human spirit;
Keeping us, the 99.999%, enslaved in Debt & addicted to
Sugar, Oil & Comfort, just to name a few of the other ‘legaladdictions.


Look at the English Crown,
fighting the Opium wars to
secure their drug-trafficking,
NATO going into Afghanistan
to reinstall opium-production,
their only real economic improvement
since the invasion.



Just take the money out of the equations and you have
no attractor -fields to attract these parasites of society.
We should really ask again: What is Money, what does
it represents, what does it do for us in this day in age ?

Money as Debt – the website

Within the History of Money, things went awfully wrong when in 1886 Corporations became Legal (Lawfully) Persons with Equal Rights but Limited Responsibilities.
Together with Fiat Money, the introduction of Privatization of public-owned corporations,
and the deregulation of it, all this became a Wealth Illusion for the ‘99%

“Only when the last tree has died, and the last river
has been poisoned, and the last fish has been caught, will we
realize that we cannot eat money.”
Chief Seattle

Considering Corporations as natural living persons, they exhibit
the traits of Antisocial-Personality-Disorder or Psychopathy.
In a society which has increasingly become obsessed with money,
ecologists and conservationists often despair at the apparent
disregard we humans have for Nature, all in the name of money.

Of course, Money doesn’t grow
on trees or really works,
but when you lend it out,
it extracts interest from
the ‘real’ economy.
This means exploiting land & people,
extracting from labor & industry
which actually do the real work.



Of course, we still need to generate wealth and circulate a form of payment
to look after our elderly and provide health care and education for all people.
But we also need to look at how we generate this wealth, and we need to implement OUR controls. AGAIN !
As we know from modern science and old wisdom, anything is as good as its smallest common denominator.
Take the genetic affinity of our DNA for example, if there is a flaw or misinformation,
the whole system gets effected. – and changes…

      Fractals – Mandelbrot

Consequently, if we do not take care, intentionally or ignorantly, of the smallest part of society or the environment, like an insignificant little kid in Southern Sudan for instance,
our whole global civilization gets into deep trouble.

Any Plan, Idea or Action which does not make Food, Shelter & Education equally available and affordable to everybody on this planet, has no ethical or social value for a new human society.

Real Change of Social Economics has to come from
the collective knowledge of Belonging together and starts
with the understanding and shift of our individual believes.

This so called ‘Globalization‘ needs to become a new Socialization, a healing of our Social Emotional Intelligence !
Taking care of the smallest cell, a tiny detail, will effect the entire organism.
What will defines us as part of a ‘New Culture‘ is not our geography, race or wealth, but our new Social Affinity to each-other and our responsibility towards  our environment as a Whole.
As these affinities are shifting, the modern tools of a new social networks will bring together a new Diaspora, unleashing the power of its talented, globalized people,
and channel that energy towards the common advantage of one’s ‘tribe‘.

“If we are not able to change our environment,
we have to change ourself !”

Victor E. Frankl

   “Imagination is not a talent of some men, but is the health of every man.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Hope has two beautiful daughters, anger and courage: anger that sees things the way they are, and courage to make things the way they ought to be”
Augustine of Hippo

To be continued in NO specific order…


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