7 Billion reasons to think about…

– an Economy of Growth & Expansion ?


In overpopulations our mind protects itself from overexposure
by shutting off its emotional involvement.
– The result = Homosociopathis


People and the planet report 2012

           …and then there is the ECO-TRAP,

Be aware of the old Warlords & Opportunists,
hailed by dummies and followed by cannon-food.
They are still living in denial, hiding the rotten core
and their evil deeds under green camouflage.

and the ‘99%’ still got it wrong !

think globally, and our 99% become the 10% of the rest of the world !

Do yo’ math, educate yo’self

– this number is more likely 99.999% > 0.001%

0.001% = 70,000 multi billionaires the real freeloaders of the world !

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