The ‘Compass’ in Chaos, – a short definition

Together with the Gifts of Life we also received a personalCompass‘,

the Social Emotional Guidance System of our ‘Intelligence’

 – A Sensory system which is absolutely necessary to detect & negotiate our way
thru the infinite complexities of creation, and is of fundamental importance to ‘make-sense‘ of our ever-changing environment.
– A very complex & sophisticated guidance system which is embedded into
our Nervous system, and pivotal for the processing of our entire body & mind functions.
– A non-linear, Neuro-linguistic Communication System, connecting & organizing
the layers of consciousness in a sensible & prudent way.
– A navigation system which supervises & coordinates knowledge & skill,
combines these with our 3I’s
and co-creates our way of life,
our very own reality we live in.

This ‘Compass’ is our CPU, a ‘Solution-Finder’, a ‘Wisdom-Processor’.
This processor digests, synthesizes and makes-sense of our multisensory experiences,

  • illuminates the past and our ways ahead,

  • converts a Quest into Responsibility,

  • translates a Longing into Belonging and

  • transforms the Individual into a social being.

This Sense gives us the perspective & control to conduct a wonderful life
in balance & harmony with ourselves & the environment…
– it is our key to sustainability !

The recognition of this inner ‘Compass’ is called awareness, consciousness or enlightenment.
The ability to use & control this Guidance System sets us free from heteronomy,
outside manipulation, conditioning & subjection.

This ‘Wisdom-Processor’ is our ultimate liberator, transforming decisions into free choice,
conditioning into self-affirmation, and the Homosapiens into a co-creators.

How to use this powerful device is the most important learning process in
our life. Without this ability we are just a bunch of numb & dumb creatures.
Uncomfortable with ourselves, mentally & emotional sick and irresponsible
towards our environment, we will, like any other cancerous system, defeat
ourselves and destroy our host.

In today’s reality there is nobody teaching us how use of this ‘Compass‘.
There is no manual or curriculum written for this, and we are left with
the perception of a wild & hostile environment.
The richness of diversity frightens us,
and we fear to live in a world of Chaos.

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Conditioned rather than educated,
we now feel left alone here on earth,
expelled from the Garden Eden.
With a limited & restricted inside & vision,
we are fighting for survival on this planet.

Now we have no more ideas how to respond to the challenges of our
constantly changing environment – out there & in here.
We have not learned how to connect to the energy of ‘disorder’ & chaos,
or how to integrate ourselves into wilderness & eternal motion.
Trapped in addictions and limited by the law & order of a linear paradigm,
we have no understanding how to navigate thru the infinite complexity of life.

Cosmos in Chaos

We have to find-out and educate ourselves… 
– for that, we have to overcome our presumptions & fear, jump into this ocean
of Chaos, and let us see to what new shores this will take us.

These pages want to stimulate, invite you to a non-directional journey
right into the dynamic of your very own consciousness…
                               – This is a Dynamic, Non-Linear Guide for the Wisdom Seekers


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