wHolystic – The Divine Completeness

Holistic / Wholystic – means to me :
the Divine & Holy, All-transforming & Combining
Completeness of Everything.

What is the difference between ‘Wholystic’ and ‘Holistic’ ?
–  Either way you spell it, just depending on your perception, it will be the same !

Wholystic/Holistic is a different approach to religion & spirituality, a Philosophy
which integrates & transcends the usual polarities of religion, spirituality & atheism.
It is not only an idea, but also a Non Linear Way of Thinking, a Being & Understanding that fits perfectly within the modern world with endless changes and constant flow of information.
It is able to frame and organize the whole ‘gestalt‘ of a post modern planetary village, a new Paradigm.
It is derived from the Greek holos, meaning ‘Whole & Complete‘.
It is a term commonly used by people who want a more humane
and well-rounded approach to Healthcare, Economics, Politics, Education & Life-Coaching.
It catches, in a modern way, our most profound spiritual instincts.

Wholism also describes a natural, organic universe in which everything & everybody is playing
an important part in the continuous process of changing and where new things emerge constantly.
The structure of ‘Wholes‘ are never fixed or static, they are patterns in flux, always shifting & absorbing new dynamics & factors. As such, it not only describes the evolutionary Power of the cosmos, it also describes life
in a modern world: Belonging, – Connected and Ever-Changing from the Present Moment.

Understanding all this, those of us who subscribe to the idea of Wholism need to
be conscious about our own Beliefs which can easily become fixed & ridged.
We should remain open to new insights and listen to our 3I‘s
and those ‘Instincts‘ we believe to be true & correct
from our own personal experiences, – Here in the Chaos of NOW


Here are some of the key characteristics of Wholysm.
is open-hearted and open-minded.
 Welcomes the balance of diversity.
Perceives the connections & interdependence of all things in Life.
Can sense the Synergy & Entourage Effect in everything.
Respects that all Life is growing to fulfill it’s potential, and that all Life is worthy of our care and support.
 Is uncomfortable with ridged dogmas & certainties of traditional Belief Systems and political structures
Is skeptical of any hierarchic & discriminatory Law & Order
Recognizes that there is a sacred and wonderful mystery to all Life, that nature & universe are spectacular.
 Asserts that the essence of spirituality is to connect with and experience the wonder & beauty of all life.
Acknowledges that we are all beings in a developmental spiritual process.
Welcomes and respects that there are many ways of exploring the meaning, purpose and mystery of   life   – all of them equally valid.
 Encourages self responsibility, actualization and individual integrity

 To become a multisensory, fulfilled & whole autonomous human being
To create healthy & whole communities – locally and globally
To include all elements & dimensions, known or unknown to us.
(As a scientific idea, it also has a more precise meaning that is relevant & useful.)
Nothing can be fully understood unless we can see the whole system of which it is a part.
A whole is always a sum of its parts.
Random elements are continually emerging and self-organizing to form coherent wholes.

NOW, why is wholistic education more effective?
It involves the instinctive sense of Belonging & Connection
to a universe filled with beauty, mystery & meaning.
It includes the desire to explore and deepen that Connection
It provokes general inquiry into those deepest questions: Why are we here? Where did we   come from ?    Where are we going ? where do we belong?
It involves the instinct to stretch beyond our ego boundaries and love others unconditionally.
As we challenge ourselves in this way we elevate our consciousness and are then able to support    others on this journey of healing and awakening.

What essential skills do we need ; – to learn ?

The art of questioning & researching everything !
The ability to pause & listen – consciously come to a centre, a pivot point.
The ability to except an attached & subjective view of life.
The ability to Imagine a detached observation of life and oneself.
The ability to connect with, experience & explore the wonder,
beauty & mystery of Life freely.
Honest self-reflection through your fellow men.

Non-judgmental attitude, making choices and not decisions.
Appreciating and being Inspired by the stories and examples of others.
Wise management of ones own spiritual education & development.
Supporting the development & transformation of others.
Compassion towards our environment, our habitat.
A willingness to embrace our own spiritual Self.
Courage to move beyond one’s own comfort zone (Fears) to help others
Open to the Constant Changes of life
Ability to make conscious choices and take action in ways that are congruent with these values to serve oneself and therefore the whole of humanity.
 The acceptance of the Paradox or the Non-Dual Truth !

The Wholistic bottom line

Do not try to harm Life
Be compassionate and listen to your emotions.
Feel connected or at ONE with the eternal life of creation.
Develop generosity of spirit
Live from the present moment of Here & NOW
Take heart centered action, be social-emotionally involved
Love and follow the completion.




“Open yourself to Tao
Then trust your natural responses
And everything will be in harmony”

Tao Te Ching


Life -Buddha

“To see the world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wild flower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour”

William Blake

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