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Unless we recognize our psychosomatic infirmities,  see the shortcomings of our ‘intelligence‘, and acknowledge our insensitivities towards ‘All-theOther‘,
there will be no healing, no remending.
 Otherwise it remains a delusional & demented existence, harmful to everything-else out there
and just a sick & painful experience.

Real Life is Different ! 

Now,     –

 Open your mind,
HERE you can find a Script for Real Solutions !


Not the standard ‘Solutions’ delivered and enclosed in a Box,
but fluid ones which constantly change, adapt & respond to the flow of Life:


The Ideas behind all these pages should help to reconnect some loose ends in our mind,
and rehabilitate our Social Emotional Intelligence to set processes in motion,
and  release the
Synergy of our co-creative nature.


In-tune with Ecology we can transform today’s pseudo Economy into a Real Economy.

! The real crisis hasn’t even unfolded yet !

From Moses to the Global Land Grabs of today,
the Philosophy of Possessions keeps us enslaved in denial !

Long time ago Goethe wrote :
“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those
who falsely believe they are free.”  

Undeniably we are in a huge economic crisis,
but the real & fundamental debt is with Nature,
and Mother Earth can not give us credit any longer !

Hasn’t our civilization grown-out off the Dark Ages, haven’t we finally grown up and matured ?
Let us just stop changing diapers over & over again.  What we need now is a complete Paradigm Shift.
A key to that shift is found in answering a simple & fundamental question:
Where does All, or Any Growth comes from, and where does all this Expansion ultimately lead us ?


… or, how much is a shrimp worth today ?

…or did you know, March 22. was World Water Day ?


03.21.2010, a boy takes a swim
in the murky waters of Manila Bay,
More than 2 Bil people lack access
to clean water for drinking or sanitation.
Manila has a booming growth rate,
which is projected to surpass that
of Singapore by 2020.

Good Luck ! 

And then there are the Banksters & Oligarchen
of the New World, and their puppet cabinets…

 Dear Mr. President, please do not create more bubbles !
The desperately needed healing process,
is not a question of more Growth & Expansion,
or pumping virtual money into an economy of illusions,
but an individual process of awakening
a new Sense of Belonging.
Questioning & reevaluating our fundamental
Belief Systems by learning to use our Sense of Wisdom.

Knowledge comes by taking things apart.
But wisdom comes by putting things together!

 ! A true Economy is Ecology in action !

We don’t need old systems in green camouflage,
What we need now, and from the ground on,
are organically grown businesses !

Please continue to explore this site !

Thank you

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