My writings of conceptual metaphors

‘The longing, we have to communicate cleanly & directly with people,
is always obstructed by qualifications and often with concern about
how our messages will be received’. 
John Le Carre

Driven by the idea to share my thoughts & Inspirations with others, and despite the fact that English
is my second language, I started to create my own style & ‘language’, and began my ‘Free’ writings.
I am a simple man with no ‘writing skills’ at all, but with a strong intellectual aspiration to
communicate some of my thoughts & ideas via this media.

From early on, always questioning the issues on hand, I followed the wisdom of an old saying:

“Great minds focus on ideas,
average minds focus on events,
small minds focus on people”

At first, this approach to life was sub-consciously and got me often enough in trouble with authorities,
especially in the ‘educational’ systems of our time; – I had to start educating myself in a lot of faculties
capacities & skills which we are not, more or less intentionally,  teaching to new generations anymore.
Growing up in the post WWII Germany, a nation riddled with collective guilt & redemption,
I became more & more aware of the philosophies & ideas driving our world today. I recognized
the complications, and ultimate limitations of our ‘modern’ civilization, the void in our sense of meaning.

                                                    My ‘Quest 4 Belonging’ had started !
A Linear Culture of growth & expansion has raped our ‘Mother‘ Earth and created artificial needs
to suck money, blood & spirits out of us, enslaving us with debt & addictions.
Multinational, corporate greed works overtime to turn us from sensitive human-beings into mindless consumers, watching TV while growing obese on hydrogenated fats and the cheap sugars of junk food,
getting sicker & sicker every day from artificial flavors and chemical preservatives .

Grateful about my Awareness of the world out-there & in-me, a certain happiness & self-consciousness
developed, and a new Insight & Vision of life took more & more shape.
With growing Inspiration came more self-confidence and a desire to share my ‘special‘ gifts with others.
But nothing out there seemed to suit as a vent for my special, individual creativity.
Always being evolved and surrounded by arts and craftsmanship, I was never able to find my own ‘art-form’.
– My personal inspirations were of a ‘different kind’.

I always saw art as an expression and/or reflection of somebody’s Soul or Sub-consciousness,
where an individual is communicating & sharing his Inspirations with others, stimulating the collective Imagination,
and is therefore a pivotal part of any socialization process.

Art is the universal language of  sub-consciousness !

As Dali once expressed when he was asked about his mustache: “These are my antennas to the universe…”

  Walt Disney vs. Salvador Dali





Then, some time ago, somebody pointed out that I might be a ‘conceptional’ artist,
– always looking for the ideas & concepts beyond the obvious.
                                                           Philosophical ideas expressed in Conceptual Metaphors

The use of metaphors is probably the most important human trait
based on the cross domain abstraction that mirror neurons mediate;
the ‘left’ brain hemisphere for action metaphors -‘get a grip, and the right for visualized & Imaginary metaphors:
– any monkey can reach for a peanut but only a human, canreach for the stars’.

I realized a constantly transforming jungle out there, and in response
I discovered the fascinating wilderness of my own body & mind…
I lost my fear of Disorder and found a truly Divine Order in the natural Chaos

Reading Freud, Jung, Adler, Fromm, Gruen, Rogers,Pavlov, Skinner etc. I got fascinated & impressed by the vastness & power of the mind.
Curiously I started studying the ‘Ecology of the Mind’ and followed some of these thoughts & ideas,
– and there I was, on my Quest, on the endless journey of consciousness.
Picking & choosing, playing & visualizing I learned to find my own way thru the wonders of Life.
This Way was truly rewarding and provided me with uncountable gifts for body & soul. Like a cook or musician, I enjoy to combine all these ingredients, mix & blend them together so that they create a new colorful ‘painting‘ in the mind; – and maybe they can nourish your soul as well.
‘The piano keys are black & white, but they sound like a million colors in your mind.:

Now, that we are blessed with the Internet, we have a wonderful tool to communicate & share our ideas, dreams & Inspirations  with our brothers & sisters in this global village.
This multimedia ‘organism‘, or ‘cloud network’ is our opportunity to find true organic and ecologically  sound solutions, Holistic  answers for  the individual and humanity as a Whole.
With that in mind, I have chosen not to use a common ‘scientific’ style of writing, but rather trying to explore the multitude of Intuitive knowledge out there, which has valid solutions for our problems of today.
– Not the standard Solutionsdelivered and enclosed in a Box, but fluid ones which constantly change   adapt & respond to the Flow of Life,
the ‘Solutions-in-the-Making’ ,
– the ‘Philosophies-in-Motion’!
The Idea behind this is to reconnect some loose ends in our minds, set processes in motion & release
the synergy of our co-creative nature.

To express & describe complex physical, psychological & spiritual transformation processes in a simple way, I had to create a different style of writing.
In order to deal with the issues of the subconscious mind in conjunction with social economics & spirituality, I could not use a ‘standard ’, creative writing method, nor did I want to get into ‘surrealistic, esoteric or any other ‘automatic’ technique; – So I discovered the not so new art-form of Conceptual Metaphors,
and combined them with the multimedia platform of the Internet.

If you will, the best way to describe my approach is eclecticism, – the practice of examining a wide number of sources and selecting the once that seems true & best for me. The result is a Belief drawn from many resources. In a purely eclectic approach, no single source is favored,

– instead, one forms his very own beliefs,
just simply relying on a multitude of evidence and choices
Like ‘surfing the Net’,
breathing-in the dynamic & beauty of the natural chaos


 DadaistHanna Höch

As I do not belief in the Possessions of Ideas,
there will be very little proof
or sourcing in my writings.
Just educate yo’self,  learn to compare & check for yo’self

Picasso, Banksy, Wolf







Every idea, product or creation has arrived
from somewhere or something.

In any way or form, everything is a collective achievement or co-creation.

Nobody has the divine right to possess something or the other.

Somehow, anything is in context or relationship to everything else.

This is more like the ancient way of communicating ideas thru storytelling,
here you have to read behind the letter, between the lines, beyond the pages.

This is an endless story trying to create a Butterfly Effect with lots of references,
definitions and clarifications via the multimedia-levels of the Internet.

No matter where you start looking or reading,
any time you begin to take down these walls or ‘open those doors’,
you will see that everything matches or falls-in-place…
Everything & anything belongs together, is interlaced & correlated.
That’s the way real Life works, any other belief, theory or idea is just plain foolishness.

Different to many other works of this kind, here nobody wants to convince
with dialectic arguments, or proof something by a logic lineup of events.
I just simply want to share my ideas and stimulate Your Imagination in your own quest for ‘Truth’,

– To find Your own Compass In Chaos –

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