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                                                                                                                                                                                                        Here I’m inviting the open minded and more ‘mature‘ reader  to a place of contemplation & reflection.
                                                  – So, take your time and dive into these pages !

This is a Non-Profit but Common-Benefit-Network of pages addressing the essential issues of life .
Limited, mental flexibility, combined with insensitivity & ignorance towards our growing
ecologic & economic problems, has led our entire culture into a state of delirium & denial .
The ‘Bread & Circus’ politics of our ‘Brave New Word’ are the ultimate formula of distraction
for all our oligarchies and other authoritarian regimes.
Mass-media indoctrination and the treacherous manipulation of Neuromarketing have numbed & dumbed
the minds of whole generations, they have alienated people and polarized whole societies.

Here & Now is the time for a radical & fundamental Paradigm Shift .

But this ‘Big Shift’ does not come with Economic or Political changes,
it requires a psychosomatic Healing Process of the individual !

We know, it is not easy for our conditioned minds to get out of these, so deeply imprinted Beliefs,
to except a Life with a constantly changing & evolving Truth – the Natural Patterns of Life .
But these ideas are so easy to grasp that it is mind-boggling, they are so simple that it makes the righteous,
the ‘experts’ & ‘wise guys’ of society so fearful of loosing their authority & entitlements.
Paranoid & desperate, they are constantly trying to defend their privileges with new wars and more prisons.

Here I am introducing another perception of our world and eco-system, the Non-Linear-World out-there & in-you,
a life of eternal motion, a universe of constant creation…

At the dawn of an eco-logical age’, with a growing recognition of our interdependence with nature,
we need to learn again how to use our Insight & Vision in a new way.

A basic system analyses and a simple review of the patters driving our world,
will guide us to new horizons of consciousness, and beyond…

The idea of a Hierarchic World-Order, together with the belief in Inherited Ownership,
created abnormal imbalances & dysfunctions in the human mind.
Degenerated into a full-blown mental illness, this disease spread like a cancer
and has now infected the entire psychosomatic behavior of our species.
This twisted & warped perception of life, fueled by subsequent ideas of social ‘economics’,
and systematically spread by marketing & ‘Education’, has mutated into a pandemic of global proportions.

It is absolutely necessary for an individual to free itself from
the restrictions & limitations of our chauvinistic & hierarchic belief systems.

We all have to overcome these deeply entrenched linear thinking patterns,
these fascistic ideas which are still dominating all aspects of our lives.

By simply observing our environment, studying the ecosystems of this planet, and reflecting ourselves in it,
we can regain a deeper awareness of the multiple layers of existence and the endless motions of life.

Here & Now we can learn more about our multi-sensory awareness.
We can learn how to regain more access to our sub-conscious mind, and how to digest
our ‘multilevel’ experiences and transform these into knowledge & wisdom;
– This Wisdom, we so urgently need to find, are our ‘bearings
to navigate within this ever-changing context, the chaos of existence.

These ‘bearings‘ are the ‘pillars’ of conscious perception, illuminating & exposing  all our
observations & reflections. This discovery – & learning-process does not need to be contained
by any social or economic barrier and can be experienced any time & anywhere !

If we understand that everything is connected & interrelated, somehow & somewhere,
it should not matter where & how we start this process.
Everything will lead us to the same ‘place’, the experience of Being & Belonging
– Being aware of our Belonging to everything in this universe,
– Being part of the synergy of an everlasting motion of Life…
– Finding our balance in a constant motion, harmony in contrast & diversity.
Because of this, and the fact that these ideas here will not offer a ‘Solution-in-a-Box’,
it is pivotal to share this ‘Philosophy-in-Motion’ in an appropriate, non-commercial, and
most importantly, in a non-linear & organic way.

Be aware of anybody who wants to get paid
for Wisdom, Knowledge or some Real Education;
– they are corrupted and most of them are
charlatans, phonies, gangsters or sociopaths.     

Despite the many downfalls of the ‘social networks‘ online, the internet still offers
wonderful opportunities to communicate these simple, and not-so-strange ideas!

It is only a question of, how to inspire a reader, opening the viewer’s mindful eye,
and awaken an awareness of the Whole…     – Your perception in particular !
Simple enough !  Here we go !     Mirror Neurons

Beyond Linguistics

(John 1.1): ‘In the beginning was the word…  – and the word became flesh’.

This idea, of a ‘Beginningof-Matter’ eventually transformed into a complex paradigm,
became a hierarchic, materialistic world-order which is now dominating all aspects of our lives .

The Logic of this Reality starts with Logos, – the word or idea,
and any of its Logic begins with formulating a Question.

Throughout these sites I raise a lot of questions and make great use of metaphors & allegories to look beyond the obvious Linguistic implications. This kind of analytic process is absolutely necessary to ‘make sense‘ of the psychological, sociological & ecological patterns of our natural habitat;
                         – fundamental for any real change or Paradigm-shift in our lives !

Consciousness finds profound limitations & restrictions in linguistic.
Most of our ‘conscious’ thinking operates within the parameters of this linguistic grid or context.
If we can not ‘put it in words’ we doubt its existence or relevance.

Most of our rationality & logic is based on verbal or written explanations and consequently wants to put everything in-line with this strictly linguistic perception of the world.

Scientific observations have to fit into the parameters of linguistic accountability,
they have to be measurable, size-able & repeatable,
Our ‘Modern‘ societies follow these rigid ‘Laws-of-Science’ religiously,
forcing everything into objectivity and reducing it to a materialistic phenomenon…
– like the definition of Wealth, Power & Education for instance,
or the invention of Religion, Corporations & Money !

As soon as it comes to abstract ideas or intangible things, like our multi-sensory experiences,
a thinking ‘outside of the box’, or any behavior beyond specific Laws,
our ‘experts’ & ‘scientists‘ get lost in some denial, rejection or complete ignorance.
Society disregards these as wilderness, weed or waste, outlaws the ideas as Disorder, Chaos & Anarchy.

Our Sensitivity is controlled by the laws of science,
and our Sensibility is reduced to linguistic definitions.

Because of these limitations, our emotions, psychological-processes & spirituality became
too complex for the common intellect; synchronicity, metaphysics & perception-altering drugs
are to mind-boggling for the standard scientist.
– Example, if you ask the critics of homeopathy, how they could proof their love
for wife, children or pet, they  would be speechless ?  – obviously they don’t care,
narrow-mindedly they continue to destroy their children’s habitat, our planet, all in the name of reason.
Like our politicians or ‘economists‘, they have no clue what they are talking about.
Unfortunately for those who still believe in this Linear Paradigm, they are stuck with
a Beginning & End. In-between they have a lifespan of Reward & Punishment with a constant
fear of rejection and just hope for more of the same-old redemption and a better future.

For generations we have conditioned our children & children’s children with these hierarchical, chauvinistic beliefs, the Law & Order of dominance & segregation.

Metaphorically speaking:  a rigid belief written in stone !



Knowingly or unknowingly we have brainwashed our people to a mentally disability.
Literally ‘sick to the bone’ they are now unable to interact responsibly with their
natural environment, they are unfit to adapt to life itself.
In addition, an overload of digital communication has drastically limited our ability to
express & explain these complex interrelationships and infinite processes of constant motion.
Today’s need for speed & efficiency has further reduced our time to convey certain
knowledge & ideas about balance in contrast & harmony in diversity.

A closer examination will tell you that Real Life does not work in terms of Law & Order.
Our principal teacher, Mother Nature, makes no distinctions between Good or Bad
– The weather for instance: there are only patterns of weather playing their important
role in the life-cycle of our planet.
As long as we follow these rigid & completely outdated concepts of law, or continue to
apply our hierarchic order of values, we will stay disconnected from our environment,
our fellow-man & ourselves.
As we can witness right now: an Economy without Ecology is dysfunctional !

Nothing comes from nothing,
but everything else comes from something.
– Just follow this trail !

Organic concepts deal with a permanently changing context and a constantly shifting reality.
Natural systems have to be fluid, flexible & responsive, they create continuum & stability
thru constant motion, their rhythm is the heartbeat of life.

As we all know, various art forms can overcome linguistic restrictions.
Music & images involve a multitude of senses. In order to bypass our conscious & rational mind,
they are just touch our subconscious mind directly, they stir-up emotions and trigger fantasy.
Songs & plays incorporate a variety of tools & techniques to get a message across.
Language arts enhances words with emotions and supports the meaning of phrases
by stimulating Imagination beyond the obvious.
Before the internet, and long before there were written laws or printed books around,
our ancestors had developed very efficient, verbal & nonverbal techniques to share and
hand-down their experiences & knowledge to future generations.
Ancient art-forms of storytelling have always played a very important role in the evolution of mankind.
For thousands of years, these tales were the main teaching tool in human societies,
and with time we have developed quite sophisticated techniques to communicate
the more complex concepts of abstract ideas & theories.

Intuition     →            The 3I’s

Simply a fun way to learn.



In fact, conceptual metaphors are considered to be a cognitive linguistic, and they are commonly used to characterize or describe more complicated things in a simple and undiscriminating fashion .

            Metaphors rock !

(yes, because everything is in motion, and even rocks are molecules in Motion)


These metaphors shape, not just our communication, but also our way of thinking & behavior profoundly.

To share some Insight & Vision I make great use of metaphors & allegories throughout these sites.
Here I try to encourage the visitor to change their way of thinking, to shift
their paradigm of perception.
I invite you on a Quest for Belonging and introduce a Philosophy in Motion
to find Balance & Harmony your Compass in the Chaos of eternal life.

Remember what Jesus said: – Let us become like children again !
Yes, let’s start questioning again, everything we see, everything they say !
←Every word, every phrase has to be deciphered ! →
Let us doubt everything they taught us but we never really understood ! 
Let us turn every rock, get down to the base, and find the meaning of our Beliefs.
Let’s dig up the foundation of civilization and see what is driving our economy.
Let us look behind the facades of hypocrisy and reveal the ideas of their reasoning.

That’s what I am inviting you to do here with me.


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