Legalize it – the End of War ?

…or just another Desecration of Mother Nature ?

The UNODC Word Drug Report 2013 did emphasize that: “the problems will not be resolved if drugs are legalized. Organized crime is highly adaptive. It will simply move to other businesses that are equally profitable and violent.”

And the real gangsters are working on it. Famous billionaires like Bill Gates & George Soro
together with Monsanto, Bayer & Co. have whole nations, like Ukraine & Uruguay in their pocket,
and are now genetically modifying or branding Cannabis for government-licensed distribution near you.
The war against the independent growers is on !

The Creation of Mental, Spiritual & Physical Enslavement thru Addiction.


Politicians and policymakers typically don’t seem to understand — or they deliberately choose to ignore — this central point about how prohibition creates such a lucrative black market in drugs. They often simply make the claim that the drug trade, or drug use, supports terrorism, without further explanation. They completely ignore the role of the laws they enact to prohibit drugs in making the selling of drugs so profitable to terrorists in the first place.” Eugene Oscapella, Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy

The Answer of the Linear Culture
to the Enlightenment of the 19th & 20th century is
more Prohibition,
just creating more War !

Reading the history of our ‘gloriousLinear Culture, we not only encounter
the ‘Laws of Possession’, as established in the 10 Commandments,
but also the ‘Laws of Prohibition.

At some point in time, way back in biblical times, at the transition from hunter-gatherers
to agriculture societies, a new rationality emerged, a thinking method of logic & causality.
In the beginning this method was a quite useful tool for trade & technology, and, combined with the use of writing, quickly expanded into other areas of human life.

A simple Method evolved into a more complex system, developed into a new Monotheistic Belief Systems.

Contrary to the old, relatively non-hierarchical, egalitarian & Animistic Beliefs, this ‘NEW‘ Belief began to categorize, outline & protect individual & collective properties in a hierarchical way. Written Language, still a very restrictive method to describe & calculate physical processes & values, was now also used to rationalize & regulate our spiritual world.


Rules & Regulations where drawn in sand and written in stone…

just a Line in the dirt...

The Beginning of written Laws.

Remember, our consciousness is the ability of abstract thinking.

An abstract concept of ‘Creation’ became the origin of identifying Property, and dividing everything in a hierarchic, linear order. From there on we have claims of Ownership and seizures of Properties of any kind & type – Gardens were fenced, fields were sized, quarries claimed, time-frames set. Land, water, man & beast, plants & minerals were taken and made a Possession of somebody Controlling the world on a strictly materialistic level was a logic & strait-forward process, and it seemed to progress successfully for a few thousand years. Law & Order were established by the most ruthless & ambitious individuals on this planet;

– Consequently, this mono-culture of ego-centrism & uniformity evolved into the Mobbing & Bullying culture of today.

From socialization to education, from science to agriculture, everything was going down the ‘mono-way’. Any other alternative was not in sight or was systematically suppressed.


Ownership & Entitlements were the main principle of the Abrahamic Religions. The abstract titles of ownership included not only women, serfs & cattle, but also the rest of creation as well as the human soul. – Whatever ‘soul’ means, with this synonym the new belief system was also, linguistically, taking possession of the Spiritual world.

Religion was born and became the death of Spirituality. A commercialized & politicized ‘Spirituality’ has build now the foundation for all pyramid schemes in this Paradigm.

With the evolution, from a mainly matriarchal’, pantheistic hunter-gatherer society into a patriarchal, monotheistic culture, the control of our minds or Spirits became the main issue of modern civilizations. Ultimately, and similar to the materialistic world-order, the abstract theory of a hierarchic system was now applied to our spiritual world as well, -where all titles are solidified in writing and reinforced by a restrictive Law & Order of reward & punishment

Since this linear concept of ‘logic & causality’ has great difficulties with the ideas of Free Will and Free Choice, all our Religions have to emphasize on Divine Rule No.1, – that even our very own body & soul do not belong to us. We are the mental & physical property of our creator, God, King, Lord, Boss etc., and of course all HIS ‘Representatives’ here on earth.


For centuries it was taboo to open or even cremate a deceased person, because it was determined that the body was the home of our soul or spirit. This attitude still resonates in the issues we have with assisted suicide, abortion & sexual orientation,-and we keep-on arguing along these lines of ownership.

Working within the abstract parameters of this monotone Belief System, this Linear Culture is constantly confronted with its own limitations and has eventually evolved into a society of hypocrites & paranoids.

The illusion of success, on a tangible level of thinking, has lead to the assumption that our concepts & hypothesis of time & space would also work on other, invisible & imperceptible levels of existence, – including our psyche & spirituality. The ignorance & disrespect of this culture eliminated not only countless species from this earth, but also destroyed centuries of common sense, spiritual knowledge & wisdom.

A multisensory human being, reduced to a 5-sensory commodity, has lost its awareness of the Whole and is now living in its own abstract world with linear definitions of divisions & separations, of loneliness & emptiness.


This Linear Culture is not only disconnected from everything out there, in Disharmony with life, creation, nature and the environment, but is also in Dissonance within itself, – the human reality, our spiritual world, our soul & psyche (Life) itself.

An abstract Idea, an artificial Concept, a synthetic System, just programmed for materialistic growth & expansion became cancerous, out-of-balance and contagious.

Now our human species as a collective, is mentally disturbed, if not neurologically damaged; as a society, or a community of men, we have lost all our ‘Social-Emotional Intelligence‘, and as a Culture, we are ‘sick to the bone’, we became Homo-Sociopathis.

Hierarchic & Chauvinistic in principle, build on primitive predatory instincts, – to be ‘on top of the food chain’, this Belief System is thriving on dominance & conquer. A culture in a permanent struggle to ‘stay on top’ of a constantly changing environment, endlessly fighting new circumstances, the wilderness & chaos of life. What could be controlled linguistically, with written Laws on a materialistic level, got very complicated & unmanageable in a non-materialistic world, on a spiritual level. Consequently, and in line with the logic of linear belief, new invisible enemies & threats appeared on the scene or had to be linguistically invented; – everything was divided in Good & Bad, everybody measured & judged ‘along the line’ of HAVE & HAVE-NOT, we became estranged to nature & spirit, whole worlds were alienated by the ‘stroke of a pen‘. Strange rules of reward & punishment were created, new moral codes & ethical laws got implemented, – the Laws of Prohibition had arrived 


Desperate to fill our souls with meaning & understanding, we still get our buckets filled with bullshit of entertainment-news, cover-up politics, pseudo education & scientific beliefs. Now we are constantly growing and while there are more & more of us every day,the fighting for survival intensifies and the ‘rat-race‘ to the Finish-line is getting faster & faster ! Now we live in constant fear of Death, The End or some kind of Judgment-Day, and while most of us have no clue what all that means, they strangely enough want to get there faster, or not at all !?

Naturally, the rapidly growing number of People & Laws have to be managed & controlled, and more & more police- & military-force seem to become necessary. Every idea or concept, everything & everybody which doesn’t fit into the Restrictions & Limitations has to be fought in court or on the battlefield and is simply re-incorporated, re-incarcerated or totally eliminated or exterminated.

This (still) religiously motivated, ‘modern civilization’ has become a Culture of violence & violation, sick with cancerous Growth, addicted to War & destruction.


The linguistic definition of Addiction itself is the property of a uniform & monotone, boring & sick  Belief System.

Let’s forget the incomplete & distorted categorizations of the linear thinking, and ask the question
– What does addiction really mean?

Is our addiction to water, air & food not the same as it is to love, sex & rock’n’roll ?
Do we not depend on rain & sunshine as much as
we need the comfort & shelter of our communities ?

As a social being, we want acceptance, respect & care as much as we need to fill our bellies. Physical & spiritual Hunger needs to be fed, emptiness & voids want to be filled.

Monotony needs Harmony, Disharmonies need tuning, Imbalances need stabilization, adjustments & compensation; – this is what we call a correction of Balance or or a Healing-process.

This Energy-of-Motion, on its constant Quest for Completion, is the auto-adjusting, harmonizing & self-healing Dynamic of Life.

Life is a ‘quest-for-belonging  to the Whole. This is a natural ‘mechanism’ of affinity & attraction.

Completion becomes, or is, the Energy of Transformation, a Transformation to a new dynamic cycle.

as our body can condition & protect itself thru immunization & antibodies, so can our mind & soul learn to heal itself. Nature & wisdom provide the remedies.

Mirror Neurons for example, some call them ‘Empathy Neurons’, dissolve the barriers between the individual and the collective and are the basis of any rudimental ethical system. – as we can observe in monkeys !

In a Wholistic world, as in our natural environment, everything is interconnected, anything depends on everything else, and visa versa. Nothing stands alone, nothing happens on its own, it resonates and as a multisensory, spiritual being we need emotional resonance to grow & develop our social functions.

But we get these imbalances & dissonances, disharmonies & disconnections, times of stress & emptiness. That is when we are asking for a counterbalance, looking for an antidote, the herbs & drugs the healing power of nature. For centuries Psychosomatic science has studied the connection between physical & mental- or spiritual health.

Abu Zayd al-Balkhi, (850-934) the first known cognitive psychologist and medical psychologist argued that – since man’s construction is from both his soul and his body, therefore, human existence cannot be healthy without the interweaving or entangling of soul and body.’ He further argued that – ‘if the body gets sick, the psyche loses much of its cognitive and comprehensive ability and fails to enjoy the desirous aspects of life’ and thatif the psyche gets sick, the body may also find no joy in life and may eventually develop a physical illness.’ 1100 years later, ‘modern’ neuroscience confirms that any physical addiction also goes ‘hand in hand’ or resonates with one or more mental- or psychological dependencies.

The suppressed, disconnected & mutilated human ‘soul’ or spirit is consequently responding with a painful ‘Withdrawal’, looking for a cure. Neurobiology has found that fear, stress & anxieties reduce the signal rate of our mirror neurons, and in the long run damages our emotional resonance. (Autism)

Pain & fear are very important & valuable indicators, they mobilize our immune system thru adrenalin, and trigger the attraction or search for remedies. At this point it depends if and how we respond to these natural ‘withdraw’ mechanism. (Fight-or-Flight Response)

If we do not heal or treat the causes, if we stay irresponsible and just cover-up or fix the symptoms, we can easily ‘bleed to death’, – and/or develop a mental obsession or spiritual compulsion for a more delusional cover-up.

If we give somebody crutches but do not treat the broken leg, the person will be handicapped for ever, and never let go of his crutches; – he stays DEPENDENT ! This way, many of us have developed an addiction to an original remedy or treatment. At first-sight, the intellectual solutions or systematic fixes, the judicial reforms, the scientific discoveries or political revolutions, always seem to be a ‘handy’ repair for the problem. In general, these ‘quick fixes‘ just work at a certain point in time, but in the long run, do not solve the fundamental problem of being stuck in a Linear Paradigm.

Painkillers, nicotine & caffeine,What takes the pain away speed & adrenaline, salt & sugar, success & gambling, work & recreation, comfort & money, oil etc.etc., are all part of these crutches, – the remedies which can become a great nuisance at the end. Since all our mental anxieties like Guilt, Shame & Fear etc. can also materialize as physical illness, we are constantly told to overcome and/or suppress these symptoms in one way or another, – with ‘illegal‘ or prescription drugs, with narcotics or alcohol on a physical level, and with substitute satisfaction on a psychological level. Oh, it feels so good when the pain eases or the pressure is released, it’s like a ‘shot in the arm’

That’s where the real sickos, the sociopaths of our society, come into play. They see a great opportunity to ‘feed‘ their own addiction to Growth & Expansion, they simply apply their ‘Law & Order-Remedy’  to these diseases or dysfunctions. Desperate & unaware, ignorant & unconscious about everything around us, our society swallows all these remedies that the ‘Law & Order-Hippocrates’ prescribe or interdict.

We literally walk over dead bodies to get our ‘fix‘ of power & success, we commit suicide with sugar & obesity, and go to war for oil, drugs & copyrights.

Opium production 1994-2013

The connection between Opium Production in Afghanistan and the rise in Heroin Consumption in the US is obvious.  

Thanks to the Drug Lords in Kabul and the White House

Growth & Profit are the cancer of the Linear Culture.

Now, that the people have bought into this scheme and ‘Organized Theft’ became legalized by calling it ‘Privatization’, they also commercialized crime by establishing an endless war against it, and by preparing a privatized prison-system for it.

Taxation, Rehabilitation, Health-insurance, Drug Trafficking and ‘National‘ Security are very lucrative parts of our economy and therefore justify a large variety of ‘legal’ & ‘illegal’ operations, guaranteeing a steady income for just a few of them. Simply follow the money trail and you will find that both sides of the equation offer a variety of very profitable business opportunities.


‘Criminals’ and Law-enforcement’ are just puppets in this play. The real motive and the Money-makers are working behind the scene, in the secondary market. These individuals & cartels are using the same tactics, they share the same weapons, the same banks and they all go for the same money.

On one side you have illegal prostitution, on the other side you have human-trafficking and in the middle you have a stressed-out Joe-the-Plumber going for ‘sex sells’.

On one side you have illegal pot, on the other side you have the biggest ‘Prison industry’ in the world in your neighborhood, and in the middle you have a frustrated Joe Sixpack rather getting drunk at the neighborhood pub. On one side you have illegal abortion Clinics, on the other side you have ‘Pro Life’ looking for more ‘cannon fodder’, and in the middle you have a drunken Joe Average who forgot to put his ‘rubber‘ on when he had sex with his ‘one-night-stand’ from the pub. (Of course at Sunday school they never taught him about vasectomy, because the 10-commandments-man owns all his women, peasants & cattle !)

On one side you have Pirates, on the other side you have their hostages, and in the middle you have the stupid taxpayer bailing out the corporate polluters with our bloody expensive gunboat diplomacy.

We, the people, the quiet 90% majority, are just a commodity or the ‘cannon fodder’ which always gets into the crossfire of these wars FOR the distribution of ‘legal’ drugs and AGAINST the ‘illegal’ herbs & remedies.

Our elected politicians our leaders & experts are our Pusher-Man – of ‘choice’; – or do we really have a choice, – like in Coke or Pepsi, what are the alternatives ?

The global economy is driven by supply & demand. The Supply is controlled by those who are in possession of the Resources or Energy,  Intellectual-properties, the Food-production and/or the Labor force. The real Demand comes from the growing population of this planet and the uncontrolled, psychopathic  Mr. Greed loves growth & expansion and does everything to feed & propagate this idea ! So be aware of them, – the G20

The whole idea of a ‘pusher-man is to create more demand and find new ways to ‘hook‘ the customers to his new fantastic products. This is the science of Marketing & Propaganda, to create some artificial conflicts & problems, just to offer a solution, some profitable cure or ‘treatment’ later. Torches of Freedom:

Torches of Freedom

That’s why we have more cults than culture, addiction replacement instead of treatment and profitable conditioning instead of real education. That is the global ‘playing field‘ where these ‘white collar‘ pimps & gangsters collide with other competing Drug-Cartels & warlords of our ‘economy’. Yes, I am talking about our leaders & experts in science & ‘economics’, about the finest thinkers our Linear Culture has produced. Narrow minded, and retarded by ridiculous laws, these experts ran out of creative ideas and are absolute clueless what to do; – still fighting senseless wars over infantile ideologies, remaining natural resources & artificial markets. Embarrassing enough, for thousands of years these so called Men-of-Wisdom or Homo-sapiens have fought their wars under the motto ‘the End justify the means’. Meaning that these sick & dirty ‘zombies‘ allow all kinds of tricks & treachery to betray their own people & beliefs; and like ‘there-is-no-tomorrow’ these hypocrites continue to breed whole societies of pathological liars & psychopathic killers. From the Crusades to Inquisition & Genocide, from the French & American Revolution to the Russian & Sexual Revolution, from the Opium-Wars of 1836 to the War on Drugs & Terrorists, the wars for ‘freedom’ and the fight against racism, they are all ‘senseless’ endeavors in one way or another, and they all have one thing in common…


 – by fighting a divine war against nature and all other  heretical ideas, by denying the freedom of choice, they create the highly profitable Dynamic of Prohibition.

Any legally imposed prohibition weakens our natural immune system, replaces the self-healing power of life with the artificial ballast of delusional Belief. Like a virus, the underlying problem mutates into an even bigger issue with more addictions and more associated diseases & imbalances.

– a vicious cycle of despair & destruction, – any way you look at it –

‘Prohibition…goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.’ -Abraham Lincoln

There we go, against this reasonable advise, the United States Congress passed the first drug prohibition law in Democratic History on Feb. 9, 1909 the Opium Exclusion Act

Those who create Evil are the Evil !

With our ability of abstract thinking came great technological advancements.
But the faster & faster growing communities also required adequate social engineering which eventually brought us
the ideas of monoculture and the dogmatic concepts of Monotheism.
With this new dogmatism and its linear separation of Good & Evil, came the demonization of the animalic
and the desecration of the Natural; Our inherent Spirituality was systematically reduced to Religion !
The constant competition of these opposing forces became the father of all wars,
where Heaven & Hell, Good & Evil are constantly fighting for ultimate control & domination.

St-Michael fighting Satan

Human Civilization has declared a total war against the most fundamental, recreational processes of Life itself ! 

The natural self-healing process of a living organism
was forcefully replaced by the fight against a disease !

And so the Saga continued…..

What started out, ‘in the name of The Lord’, became now – ‘in the name of Money !’

Corporate Science & Research has continued where intolerant, religious beliefs have left off, and a pharmaceutical industry has taken-over our entire public health care system.

Motivated by profit, blinded by ignorance & arrogance, ‘modern’ science has systematically discredited natural remedies & holistic medicine as witchcraft. In the tradition of the Linear Order, centuries of old knowledge & wisdom are now viewed as some sort of competition or heresy.

Now we have Good or Bad drugs, as in Heaven & Hell, and new laws are created every day just to protect their intellectual properties and control & regulate their use or misuse.


‘Unfortunately‘ for some, nature provides all its remedies for free and it is difficult to patent such things.




This is where we got stuck for a while, but new ways were found to overcome the natural competition.   To privatize & commercialize even the most fundamental healing processes of Nature, became the final chapter in our war against Nature. Now the age of genetically modified seeds has arrived and the Trade-War against Drugs has expanded into a war against illegal seeds & plants. And as Corporate-History reads, – governments become corrupted or are overthrown; alternative beliefs are discredited or demonized; and our habitat and common resources are destroyed on a daily bases; – and all this in the name of profit & economic growth.

Medical Marinol

Big Money is the key to open Pandora’s Box !

Instead of enjoying the common wealth of this planet, we became dependent & addicted to the most fundamental things in life. Replacing the gifts of life  with the brand-name products of a twisted mind. Corporations like Monsanto, Bayer, BASF , Syngenta etc., are not just aiming for the control of our global food production, but will also push your dependency on their weed.

Don’t be fooled by the Legalization of Pot !

Commercializing the Common-Goods-of-Nature belongs to the same old plot which has already desecrated water, air & soil for centuries.

And the story goes on and on…

Energy-Producers, Food-Industry, Health & Education develop new markets every day. Nobody knows better than a Drug Dealer how to ‘hook’ consumers, make them dependent and possessed, make them a Commodity and treat them like ‘Cannon-Fodder’ useful for whatever services the Drug Lord needs!

With this philosophy in mind our Research & Development has brought us :prozac1 Penicillin, Morphine, Valium, DDT,

Antibiotics, Prozac, Nerve-gas,

Space walks, Satellites, Internet, iPads,

Killer Drones and genetically modified food


Now we treat man & beast with hormones, steroids & Psychopharmacas, we have obesity & starvation of epidemic proportions, and entire continents are infested with AIDS Our failing immune systems are destroying entire ecosystems and whole generations are addicted to nicotine, caffeine, sugar & comfort. In these days we distinguish between alternative medicine, legitimate medication and Recreational Drugs,- whatever that means. Today we have more people, more wars and more money, a cancerous disease of exponential growth which has infested all levels & aspects of our existence !

Trapped in the limitations of a materialistic culture and alienated from the rest of creation, there seems to be no cure in sight; – at least not on this level of thinking !

Just some touch-ups or a complete cover-up seem to be the only answers to the problem. Fighting the symptoms, to Destroy & Rebuild are still considered to be the ‘Final Solution’. For generations we have spend mega $ on R & D and still haven’t learned a thing about the fundamentals of life: – Belonging instead of Possessing means living in Harmony with our Self and our Environment!

To heal the fundamental imbalances & addictions of our society, we need to shift from Prohibition or Legalization to Acceptance.

Learn from the past, live today, so you will see the future !

We learned from the past: when Alcohol Prohibition ended on December 5th,1933, the Drug Lords seemed to be out of business. But instead they had shifted to other ‘legal‘ or ‘illegal‘ Drugs, to Gambling, Entertainment and other industries, long before. The Money they had extracted from a  real economy just opened new floodgates into governments, labor movements and the always lucrative war machinery.

Today  the ‘solutions‘ are still the same and the ‘War on Drugs continues, just with more sophisticated weapon-systems and ‘smarter intelligence‘. We should know by now that there are no winners in war, just a few profiteers. This scum of society is armed to the teeth and has the will & means to defend their Possessions & Beliefs till ‘the-last-man-is-standing’. Instead of putting the mobsters and their cronies in industry & governments out of business by just taking the motive for all sin & crime out of the equation, we are making the fighting for better & bigger profits more attractive ! Any Law passed, Prohibiting or Legalizing something or the other, is just another affirmation of the bankrobbed & failing system, another empowerment of the hierarchic, chauvinistic concept, the linear Paradigm. Maybe we should accept this reality as it is. This is a meme, a very contagious mental disease, and it would be wiser to stay away from these demented sociopaths. These Sickos are completely addicted to money & success and still belief that they can dominate this planet by desecrating their natural environment and declaring war against Creation.

war against nature

These tycoons & oligarchs, the 0.001%, have completely alienated themselves from the rest of the world. In their paranoia they commit collective suicide and live in fear of the Hell-fire they created. But, if you look again, a bit closer, a little deeper, it is obvious that Nature, – Life itself, is simply taking its course and will re-balancing itself by activating all its organic immune systems. You might not see it yet, but nature will eradicate this disease and get rid of this virus we call ‘human civilization’.

Real solution can only be found within ourselves.

We can continue on this path and walk over dead bodies, using our elbows struggling to get ahead of the pack, or we simply adapt to this life, shift ‘direction’ and start belonging to life instead of trying to possess & consume everything.

Stop right here & now, bend down, smell the roses, be quiet for once and let nature talk to you. Listen carefully and you will experience that the Nature-of-Life does not work on a linear basis;

– in a Conscious Life Questions imply an infinite number of Answers.

 YES, the Universe is Friendly !

The remedies are always close-by and could be anything from a ‘helping hand’ to a ‘useless’ weed or herb. A word, or just the sound of silence can change our perception within the blink-of-an-eye or in endless meditations.

Just seeking answers can shifts our mind on a different level of consciousness, then the answers will begin to provide a new perception of Reality where even Fear & Pain become a very useful tool, a Guidance System for the Chaos of NOW. By training our multisensory awareness and exercising our emotional resonance we will set our mind free. This will stimulate our Imagination, give us the necessary Intuition & Inspiration to access a spiritual world of infinite power & Life, unrestricted & uncontrolled, beyond the limitations of materialistic laws !

Stop the discrimination of Spirituality ! Decriminalize the Remedies Nature is providing !

Anything else is blaspheme 

Stop messing around with our medicine !

initiation of consciousness


 to ‘break on thru to the other side’

we have to open the ‘Doors of Perception’ – Aldous Huxley



Peyote, San Pedro North-american shaman widely considered the peyote cactus a medicine against alcoholism.





Cannabis cannabis_female800research on marijuana and other drugs.
How Cannabis works – the Entourage Effect
beyond thc
anandia labs


Albert Hoffman experience: “…the feeling of Oneness, to be One with Nature the feeling to see now the true aspect of nature, the beauty which filled me with happiness..”



Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was to play a significant role in the development of the Western cocaine-industry. “I take very small doses of it regularly and against depression and against indigestion, and with the most brilliant success“, he observed. Drug giants Merck and Parke Davies both paid Freud to endorse their rival brands. Freud wrote several enthusiastic papers on cocaine, notably ‘Über Coca ‘(1884). He talks of “the most gorgeous excitement” animals display after receiving injection of a cocaine “offering“. And in humans, cocaine induces…

…exhilaration and lasting euphoria, which in no way differs from the normal euphoria of the healthy person…You perceive an increase of self-control and possess more vitality and capacity for work….In other words, you are simply normal, and it is soon hard to believe you are under the influence of any drug….Long intensive physical work is performed without any fatigue…This result is enjoyed without any of the unpleasant after-effects that follow exhilaration brought about by alcohol….Absolutely no craving for the further use of cocaine appears after the first, or even after repeated taking of the drug...

It was Freud’s fourth recommendation that caused the most controversy. Cocaine is no longer prescribed as an antidote to morphine addiction. Freud concluded ‘Über Coca’ by recommending seven conditions for which cocaine pharmacotherapy might prove valuable: 1) as a mental stimulant 2) as a possible treatment for digestive disorders 3) as an appetite stimulant in case of wasting diseases 4) as a treatment for morphine and alcohol addiction 5) as a treatment for asthma 6) as an aphrodisiac 7) as a local anesthetic.

And here the shocking news

Vaccine pioneer admits adding cancer-causing virus to Vaccine


salvia-divinorum Salvia divinorum originated in the Oaxaca region of Mexico and has been cultivated and used for centuries by the Mazatec people for healing and religious ceremonies. It is a powerful visionary herb, or ‘teacher plant’, in shamanistic terms. When ingested properly, and under the appropriate conditions, it produces in the user a state of ‘divine inebriation’. Salvia divinorumis in a class by itself, so it is difficult to compare it with other psychoactive substances. It is a unique and mysterious visionary herb.Salvinorin-A is the chemical substance responsible for Salvia’s psychoactive properties. It is not an alkaloid; it is a neoclerodane-diterpenoid. Therefore, it is not chemically related to any other psychoactive compound. Although non-addictive, pure Salvinorin is extremely potent. Salviais a consciousness enhancing herb that can be used for vision quests and healing rituals. Given the correct setting, it allows one to experience visions. It is an herb with a long tradition of sacred uses; among these is deep meditation.

Blue Lotus

Everyone thought that the Blue Lotusblue-lotus2_best_800 was a narcotic, but what a surprise when no narcotics were detected. This sacred blue water lily of the Egyptian was found to be loaded with health giving phytosterols, bioflavonoids & phosphodiesterase and turned out to be one the greatest daily health tonics ever found.

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