Mantras of Consciousness


In response to the rigid Laws & hierarchic Order of a Linear Culture,
here now a fundamentally different approach to the natural processes & patterns of life.
These Mantras are reflecting a recognition & comprehension of these processes & patterns;
They are the Affirmation of a constant Balance-in-Motion,
the eternal Change-in-Harmony, the shifting Truth-in-Transformation.
Everybody is encourage to continue with this process of co-creating these Mantras of Consciousness.

Questioning – Understanding – Awareness
a new Quest, a cycle in motion…

In this process, Understanding becomes Awareness
and this Awareness is the Understanding of the process !

I understand that we need illumination & enlightenment
to see the contrast, to recognize the edges, where one thing becomes the next.

I am aware of myself being an integrate part of the whole,
embedded in the timeless process of life.

I am aware of my interrelationship with all of creation,
and that everything is connected sometime & somewhere.

I am aware that nothing comes from nothing,
and everything else comes from something.

I am aware that nothing is ever lost,
and that there is No Emptiness anywhere in sight.

I am aware of my inseparable belonging to life,
and that life belongs to me eternally.

I am aware that everything is in motion, and that this
constant change is the stability we need to sustain our lives,
                                                                                         – not only on this planet.

I am aware that everything is codependent and interrelated.

I am aware of my multysensory sensibility
including my empathy & compassion

I understand that motion causes friction between components,
and that this friction creates the Synergy & Power
which sustains the continuum of motion.

I understand that nonlinear motion constantly shifts directions,
levels of combinations, frequencies & shapes.

I understand the difference between a Moment, an indefinite
segment of time, and a Momentum, comprehending the notion of motion.

I understand that clinging to a moment-in-time or a point-in-space
will throw me out-of-balance, disrupt my harmony
with my environment and block my flow of life.

I understand that Consciousness can distinguish us
from the rest of creation but also reconnects & synchronizes
us with the pulse of life..

I am aware that Insight & Vision are a codependent process.

I understand that more Insight will raise my Horizon of awareness,
my Consciousness as a Whole.

I am aware that my conscious mind can fill the voids with
Imagination and therefore makes me a co-creator of everything.

I understand that the gift of Imagination is my opportunity
to look at more than just one side of reality.

I understand that Imagination, Intuition & Inspiration are
most important tools, connecting me with the subconscious
levels of life, helping me to process memory & knowledge
into conscious Responsibility & Wisdom .

I understand that Imagination allows me to shift from a subjective viewpoint to an objective perception,
giving me a reflection of myself in context & relationship with my environment .

I understand that Imagination is a tool which helps me
to create fixed reference points, coordinates and bearings to navigate thru life.

I understand that this Imagination can also create collective
illusions of Heaven & Hell, artificial concepts about
Beginnings & Ends and simplified values of good & bad.

I am aware that Nothing & Emptiness are just an outdated,
hypothetical assumption with no scientific justification.

I understand that fear of something inexplicable, ‘dark’ or unknown can create hostility 
even towards something familiar ‘illuminated’ & obvious.

I understand that the peacefull energy I experience when I realize balance & harmony,
when I feel complete & connected with something or somebody,
is called Love.

I understand that every Quest or Research has to include an
analysis of our perspective and the way we approach things.

I understand that my longing for balance, harmony & integration
is my love for wisdom, a Philosophy-in-Motion.


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