– Or our lost Intelligence.

Since nothing & nobody exists on its own and everything is a collective & common achievement,
the Social-Emotional-Intelligence is the only real Intelligence out there !


– The only Intelligence able to solve the enormous social-economic conflicts of today,
and essential for our collective efforts to survive the environmental challenges of the future.

Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI) is our capacity to recognize our own, and other people’s emotions,
to differentiate & communicate these feelings and to put them into a constructive & responsible relationship to our natural & social environment.

we are all things

SEI is our ability to join empathy & emotions with rational observations & abstract thinking to enhance thoughts & understanding of interpersonal dynamics & collective consciousness.
This is fundamental for all our philosophical, political & economical thinking,
and absolutely necessary for any conflict resolution.

Certain ideas & belief-systems have compromised our social-emotional thinking and misguided our entire behavior. This became a mental disease which adapts, mutates & spreads thru schools & social media like a virus or meme. This lack of intelligence has now infested all our minds globally. 

Indonesia Forest clearing

Humanity seems to have lost its common sense !

Consequently, any effort to change, reform or renew is doomed to fail,
unless the healing process begins right here & now
with our Social-Emotional-Intelligence.

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Unfortunately nothing & nobody can, or will help us in this healing process,
unless we seek wisdom & consciousness by educating our-self.
By giving-up our delusional Hope and replacing it with real intelligent Optimism,
everything will look different to us,
                                                                and life will feel more amazing !

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