The use of consciousness…

If you haven’t learned how to use your ‘Compass’ in the Chaos of Life,
you can easily get lost in Details;
If you don’t have a Sense of Wisdom,
you can get confused & overwhelmed by the complexity of the whole.

The conscious awareness that everything belongs together

A Foreword

In the wake of the huge social & ecological problems humanity is facing,
much has been written & said about consciousness.
Replacing spiritual & religious experiences with the marginal substitute satisfactions of consumerism
has left a huge void in the minds & ‘souls’ of the people.

A new awareness of spirituality, psychology & philosophy is nurtured by countless publications on the
multimedia platform of the Internet. But by representing & reflecting all the benefits of a global communication network, this also inhabits all the downfalls of a culture-in-demise.

With a smart combination of scientific affirmation & pseudo ‘education’, and thanks to Opera and other celebrities, these highly entertaining publications of ‘knowledge & wisdom’  became a very profitable commodity.
One has to be very vigilant and can feel extremely lucky if he is able to sense the driving force behind those deceptive publications and unintelligent talks.
Just asking a few fundamental questions about the relationship between economy & ecology will reveal
the true spirit behind the scenes. Further questions regarding Entitlements and the distribution of
the common wealth of this planet, will expose the ideas & philosophies underlying the rhetoric.

We are able to show our kids how to take care of their body, and how to use memory & knowledge,
but we are unable to show them the fundamentals of life, we fail to teach them
how to maintain their mental health with some basic Psychological Hygiene.

Most people are conditioned to think that conscious awareness has something to do with a specific
deeper’ knowledge or the privilege of a ‘higher‘ education, which all come with a high price to pay..

Only a few people understand the simplicity of wisdom.

Anybody who goes through the conditioning process of ‘education’ to become a ‘productive member of society’,
will pass certain culmination points on their way, -‘Decision Points’for some, a time of Free Choice for others.
This is the place in time where Spirituality is transformed into Religion, when we accept the Laws of re-ligare ,
the Re-connection to the Divine, adopting the assumption that we are Disconnected from the ‘Heavens’ !
– And society will reward the conformists with a title or degree, distinguishing them by status & privilege.

At this point in existence, the sense for real Life can get very numb and might disappear completely.
An awareness-of-Belonging has been reduced to just a faint longing-for-something.

– This is the point of complete Unawareness,
– the Un-consciousness where a ‘NOTHING‘ seems to exists.

No beauty, no motion, just the emptiness & vacuum we have created by systematically destroying
our relationship to the environment, our habitat, disconnecting us from the endless flow of energy,
and denying us the free access to abundance & fulfillment by an Order of  Decree

– This separation & estrangement from the rest of creation, has left a path of destruction & despair !
– This is discriminating people with health & education, enslaving whole nations

with debt & starvation !

Within the collective consciousness of our Culture, bound & restricted by hierarchic, chauvinistic
belief-systems, this limited worldview is now dominating all aspects of our lives.
Today, this paradigm of Law & Order sets the parameters of all thinking.
The world is now occupied by a limited ‘language’ of logic, reduced to a ‘dialectic’ reasoning which have
made Science & Technology the main justification & affirmation for a rigid philosophy of possessions.

Many people, incl. the leaders of nations, decorated scientists, and celebrated intellectuals among them,
are unaware of the fact that they are simply trapped in a narrow box of dualistic thinking, blindly following
an order of reward & punishment, holding together the hierarchic structure of an old belief System.

Distinction, selection & comparison transformed into Segregation, Discrimination & Separation,
this way disconnecting us mentally & physically from every other organism on this planet.
Science & technology are now the key to growth & expansion, to power & control, exploiting man & habitat,
denying billions of creatures access to the abundance of Life.
With the intolerant nature of a cancerous system, more & more scientific-& technological-thinking is
taking-over the realm of emotion & sensation, transforming them into a marketplace for addictions.
– Be aware of these smart new entrepreneurs, claiming to possesses the knowledge & wisdom
to fill your vacuum with more of everything !
– Watch-out for these ‘wise guys’, showing you the way to more fulfillment, a path to happiness & bliss;
– Do not trust these teachers, masters & mentors, telling you they own the recipes to salvation our souls;

Do not believe anybody who wants to get paid

for Wisdom, Knowledge or a Real Education,

– they are charlatans, phonies, gangsters or sociopaths.

We don’t need more smooth talk or scientific mambo jumbo, corrupted by economic reasoning of growth & profit.
What we need now, is an Awakening of our sub-consciousness, the shift from ‘unconscious‘ to
a conscious awareness of our interrelationship with everything.
We need to learn & understanding how to connect and communicate with our sub-consciousness.
If we really want a fundamental change, the shift to a simpler & clearer Insight & Vision,
each of us has to overcome restrictions & restrain, jump the fence, take down the barricades…

open your mind,

hear the voices in the dark, see the ‘writings on the wall’

Conscious thinking finds various limitations in language, and even more restrictions in writing.

In Metaphors & Allegories, incl. our spirituality & emotions, we found a universal ‘language’ of wisdom.
With their help, we are able to communicate a broader spectrum of our multisensory experiences.
To make metaphors understandable, the language has to be honest, clear & simple.
Metaphorically speaking’ is not addressing the knowledgeable thinking as much as it is
talking to the subtle emotional & spiritual processes in the mind of the listener.
Here I am trying to re-awaken the sensitivities & skills we so desperately need to interrelate
with the rest of creation, and to sustain our habitat on this planet.
Here I wish to mobilize a newLove for Wisdom’,
this new understanding of a Philosophy-in-Motion.

I want to ignite a new fire, illuminating the events around us with a different light,
revealing new contrasts, with more nuances & details.
A new perspective should help to clarify & understand the ideas, processes & patterns
behind the whole scene,  – the Big Picture.
The idea is to get your individual perception in-tune and in harmony with the symphony of life,
to make you feel being a part of it all.
Leaving the Dead-End-Road of Possession, Domination & Profit, shift our attention towards a new wisdom,
a path of belonging, participation & mutual benefit.
Here I’m not trying to convince with scientifically restricted precisions or complicated rhetoric,
but to share some constantly expanding visions and awaken a process of shifting consciousness…

-This is a site of real change –

with no cost or strings attached, just promoting a Freedom of Choice.


The brain is a natural extension of our body,
rather than a ‘rational thinking’ organ,
it is a multisensory SOCIAL ORGAN,

the home of our Social-Emotional-Intelligence

arabesque 1


Sub-conscious ?

or how we lost our spiritual connection to the rest of creation.

Lock on the Door

If we want to change our way of thinking, we have to Re-vision the emotions which motivated us,
re-examine the ideas which drove us here, and redefine the coordinates of our future approach.

Before we proceed or go any further, let’s stop right Here & Now and have a look around,
let’s realize where we are and figure out how we got here.
I’m not a neurologist, psychologist or specialist in any of these scientific faculties, but my gift
or ‘expertise’ lies in the ability to realize the connections & relations between all these phenomena.
Overlooking the whole scenario gives me, and can give you, a new, more holistic perception of everything.
With this elevated vision we can overcome the blocked or obstructed view and we can look behind
the mental & physical walls & fences we created.
This way, we are able to sense & detect the dynamic & synergy beyond the obvious appearance,
we can see & analyze what is driving our life…

Only then we can learn to understand the systems & patterns beneath,
and in charge of all these commotions & emotions.


Every individual has to find his/her bearings in Life, needs to understand the psychosomatic
correlations between themselves and the environment as a whole.
With this system analysis I’m trying to support this Quest for Belonging & Correlation.
Here I’m scrutinizing the basic principles & concepts of our psychoanalytical thinking.

Since our psychoanalytical thinking has bin so much censored & restricted by religious beliefs & dogmas,
and since it has suffered immense corruption & manipulation by a linear, hierarchic doctrine,
most of today’s ‘psychology’ does not even deserve its name.
Maimed & crippled to a mentology of Brain Sciences, modern ‘psychology’ is just an attempt
to understand the functions & processes in our minds.
All in order to control our ‘animistic’ behavior, to manipulate our minds in a
certain direction and to lead us on the ‘right’ path, …
                                                    – it is their way or the highway !
Along the line of this world view, and in accordance with our hierarchic Law & Order,
we created a knowledge base and a school-of-thought which is preserving & maintaining
the principals of physical & intellectual proprietorship.
Since we are applying these same economic theories to Science, Art, Health & Education,
we are also facing an increasing commercialization of our mental health.
From psychiatry to psycho-pharmacy, from psychoanalysis to psycho-therapy,
the perception & parameters are preset by this linear hierarchic paradigm,
just consolidating & confirming this dysfunctional system over & over again.
This mentology is just another affirmation of segregation & compliance,
helping to reestablish their Law & Order in our minds.
In regards to the Topological analysis of our psyche, which is inspired by standard of
mathematics and uses concepts such as ‘regions’, ‘boundaries’, ‘points’ etc.,
it is absolutely pivotal to divorce ourselves from the restricted guidelines of this thinking.
This kind of Vector-system-psychology deals within categories of size, strength & direction
and is generally referred to as a field theory.   Kurt Lewin
Of course, these are metaphors and can give us a sense of the dynamics in psychology,
but, since they are confined to a ‘field’ and unable to see beyond its ‘horizon’,
these theories can not provide a perception of the Whole and fail to give us
a sense of abundance in Life.

We have to understand that the nature of psyche reaches far beyond the confinements of this
box’, and is the ‘gateway’, our interface, a ‘peripheral devices’ which connects us with
the collective, our environment, our habitat, or simply, – the Rest of Creation – Life itself !

Even when the term ‘sub-conscious’ is avoided in academic settings, and Sigmund Freud & C.G. Jung have abandoned the term in their later works, I chose to use sub-consciousness instead of unconscious in my writings. This antagonism was not very helpful for the deeper understanding of the psyche.
Consistent with this New Way of Thinking, I rationalize that the term ‘unconscious’’ has led to a
fundamental misunderstanding of our Psyche, a substantially ‘deep’ confusion about our Soul or Life.
Again, here we have another essential linguistic misconception and a great example how language
is suggestive and a powerful co-creator of our entire existence.

We hear & see thru words, – language imbues our thinking,
and is therefore one of the greatest manipulator of our Life.

In German, the mother-tongue of Freud & Jung, we have a couple of different words for
the English term of ‘unconscious’, but with significantly different meanings:
unbewusst      meaning – acting unknowingly or unintentionally, being unaware about,
or better, not realizing something.
unterbewusst – meaning – doing things automatically, bypassing the much slower,
conscious thinking process, acting & reacting intuitively or instinctively – emotionally
Behavior & skills which are ‘learned’ thru repetition, affirmation, training & conditioning,
like walking, talking & driving a car; of spiritual importance in marshal arts.
bewusstlos –      meaning – unconscious, the state of being knocked-out or in a coma,
physical & mentally unable, numb or non- responsive.

And this is where the misunderstanding begins.
In German & English ‘un’ is a synonym for ‘not’, where the German word ‘unter’ stands for
‘under’ or ‘sub’ , like in Substrate, Subway, Subculture or substantial.
Subsequently, the ‘un’ in unconscious implies & suggests an inability, declaring a certain
part of our Soul, Life or Psyche, more or less un-available or inaccessible for us.
Just by linguistically adding a ‘deeper’, ‘lower’ or ‘un’, to this ‘level’, or kind of consciousness,
can stigmatize it as a less desirable part of our rational intelligence.
Separating or dividing the unconscious from consciousness, in this idealistic, confrontational way,
discriminated a vast part of our psyche, branded it as a highly unpredictable & uncontrollable
wilderness of emotions and animalistic instincts.
But, since all our sensory experiences, incl. our empathy & compassion,
enter thru this ‘door’, or better ‘Gatehouse’ of consciousness,
and all our Inspirations are processed here, this is in fact our ‘highest level’ of consciousness
and might as well be called ‘hyperconsciousness’ or ‘Sensus Gravitas’,
– our most important ‘sense’ of all, home of our Social-Emotional-Intelligence !

In the tradition of the linear paradigm we locked us IN,
– boxed us into a hierarchic, chauvinistic worldview of religion;
– restricted our intellect to a just physical & mechanical rationality;
– imprisoned us with the Law & Order of proprietorship & entitlements;
– enslaved us with debt, guilt and bad conscience;
– reduced us to 5 senses only, and left us emotionally & physical incomplete, crippled & handicapped.

In the tradition of the abrahamic religions we locked us OUT,
– disconnected us from our environment and the synergy of eternal life;
– deprived us of our spiritual interconnectivity, our lifeline to the
– evicted us from ‘Paradise’, the Garden Eden, our Common Ground;
– discredited spirituality, instinct, dreams & visions as superstition;
– disengaged social-economics from our ecological responsibility;
– eliminated our social emotional intelligence by numbing our multisensory awareness,
left us completely disoriented in the spiritual ‘wilderness’ and the Chaos of Life .

Cosmos in Chaos

 This is how we lost our social emotional intelligence !

Cutting us off from these ‘deeper’, fundamental levels of psyche created a lot of anxiety & discontent, left us with a great desire & longing for guidance & support, and still is keeping us looking for new hope and calling for more leadership. With just this in & on our minds, they lulled us into complacency.
An old school of thinking had declared us incompetent, unable to handle
the fundamentals of our life, a long time ago.
This, our unconscious mind had become a ‘special’ realm for ‘VIP Access Only’.
From the warlords to the Vatican,Dr. Göbbels
from the Nazis & Bolshevists to our
modern Governments & Corporations,
they all have made great use of this
unconscious ‘gateway’ to the soul.
From political Propaganda to science,
marketing & education, they all made it
their business to manipulate & condition us
their way, into a life we did not choose

Like these TPM chips (Trusted Platform Modules), controlling all your Smartphones, Tablets,
Game Consoles & PC’s, remotely through a built-in backdoor.
Their purpose is the Digital Rights Management and the security on your computer,
your communication port to the rest of the world.
Of course the Keys to that backdoor are held by the TCG (Trusted Computing Group),
founded 2003 by IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, AMD, HP & Wave System,
and, most likely accessible to your Big Brother  from NSAread more →

– and I always  thought, in GOD we TRUST ?

And now we are wondering  why we devote so much of our time, our whole Life & Soul
to these ‘great‘  Causes, a Flag, an Idol or a Product… – every day;

– in mass-movements we bought into their pyramid scheme.

Allegory of Complacency

” In every psychoanalytic session we reveal that the mental illness of the individual
is just a microcosmic reflection of a distorted & dysfunctional collective macrocosm.
Therefore our examinations can not ignore or excluded the idiocy of society;
we have to focus on these twisted & distorted ideologies & beliefs
which have ultimately overwhelmed our entire culture.”
Josef Rattner – pioneer of group therapy

Leaving the backdoor to our consciousness wide open and giving uncontrolled access to our psyche,
has brought a lot of crap in and left our ‘house’ – (eco) almost uninhabitable.
Now, instead of helping us with the cleanup, a completely corrupted psychology is just confirming
the old dysfunctional structures by just affirming the old addictions & dependencies.
We just handed the key to our minds to some more sophisticated ‘doorkeepers’,
replaced the old religious manipulators with some even more treacherous indoctrinators.
Using all kinds of science & technology to trick, shape & condition our minds,
they make us more addicted to consume, and more compliant with our roll as cannon fodder.

And don’t be fooled, modern Psychoanalysis became the perfect tool to recondition & control the behavior of the people, the bewildered Herd !, as Walter Lippman called it.

 And Edward Bernays, Freud’s nephew, became the pioneer of the ‘Engineered Consent ‘, or the ‘guidance from above’, controlling the irrational thoughts and unconscious feelings of the masses.

Most of this ‘modern’  psychology is trapped in a tunnel  vision of the  linear culture;
when it comes to the healing of the soul,
they just transform a Homo-Sociopathis back into a Homo-Insipiens
Homo Insipiens

It seems to me that our entire psycho-therapeutic community is still trying to maintain or reinstate
a senseless & dysfunctional paradigm .
By constantly reaffirming & supporting these outdated & hostile ideas & theories,
mainstream psychotherapy is just blocking the free flow of information,
sensors our communication, and filters our intelligence.
Still analyzing & treating the symptoms of the malfunctions, instead of identifying the source of the problem, has lead to severe misconceptions of Life (Psyche);
Following a simple formula of: some Deceptions + more Distortions = greater Delusions !

A Homo-Sapience or a ‘Man of Wisdom
is a completely different thing.
A being which is interconnected with its environment,
 not only embedded in its social network but also
a part of the collective consciousness.

in 1922 C.G. Jung once said :
“You must not identify with the unconscious; you must stay outside,
be detached, and observe objectively what happens… it is exceedingly difficult to accept such thing,
because we are so imbued with the belief that we own our unconscious — my unconscious,
his unconscious, her unconscious — and this prejudice is so strong
that we have the greatest trouble to disidentifying.”         watch an interesting Video

– meaning: as it is in real Life, there are no separations in Psyche,
and consciousness is nobody’s property or business,
and is therefore not for sale !

Today, almost a century later, most psychologists themselves are still unable to comprehend
the full nature of the psyche,
simply because they are blinded by religious beliefs and indoctrinated by dysfunctional ideologies .

You can not ‘have’ a dream,
the dream finds you.

Inspirations come thru the gateway-house of Subconsciousness
Intuitions connect Individual Awareness with the Collective Consciousness
Imagination allows us to co-creates thru this social emotional intelligence

Subconsciousness is the gateway
from Rational Intelligence to a Cloud–Intelligence

Forschungs- und Erlebniszentrum Paläon


The Gates


                 Just a question remains,
                   who controls this gate
               to our common House-(Eco)
                       of  Eternal Motion


Even when we are unconscious about sub-consciousness, it still exists underneath the surface,
it is alive and very powerful ! I simply rationalize, that unconsciousness is more a ‘medical‘ term,
a state where the power is shut-off, where a system does not run or does not exist at all, – is ‘Lifeless‘…
But ‘Dead or Alive‘ are just hypothetical terms in duality, and a reference point in a make-believe causality.

Most of us are un-aware of the psychological impact the term ‘un-conscious’  had on our
relationship to our environment. The perception of the unconscious has closed the gateway to our
multisensory awareness of subconsciousness, disconnected us from the great eco-systems of nature,
and has helped to transform us into incongruent beings !

The Unconscious is Un-aware of our Sub-conscious ‘Sense of Belonging’ to the Whole.

Relativity & quantum mechanics are the new generation of thinking, they do not deal with such categorization, and it is essential to understand that dead matter does not really exist !

Everything is in motion and filled with energy & life.

(Good to know for all the vegetarians out there, consuming the life of a salad… – respectfully !?)

Throughout my writings I try to stimulate the ‘Mindful Eye’, our Insight & Vision to sharpen our Sense of Wisdom’

My anatomy of consciousnesstries to profile the entire human  condition,
including the interactive relationship to the ‘rest‘ of Creation.
The task is, – to revisit & analyze our traditional Belief-Systems, – to question our common, rational knowledge,
and then balance & harmonize these with the emotional & spiritual developments of the individual & the collective.
Putting us in context with our environment in general and reunite us with the dynamic of Life as a Whole.
We all know something about our conscious mind; At least we can make certain presumptions about consciousness.

Consciousness, for most of us, is in fact the awareness of our thinking, feeling and doing.
Although, the reactions to the stimuli may differ from person to person, or even in the same person
from time to time, the fact that everyone is capable of perceiving & reacting, is a sign of  consciousness.
Similarly to these conscious acts, most perceptions & actions are performed without conscious Awareness,
they simply ‘arise‘ from the powerful sub-conscious mind .

All our senses, reflexes & body functions like heartbeat, breathing, digestion etc. plus, what we consciously feel, think, or do, will form the basis of our experience.
These experiences, learned or conditioned, are stored in form of subtle impressions in our sub-consciousness.
This sub-consciousness is the complete collection of ALL our past experiences, our spirit world.

The way we use this collection, how we interact with this spirit world,
form & create our fundamental belief systems.

This sub-consciousness is our common gift & asset, a treasure which belongs to all of us
but fortunately, nobody can possess. – (aren’t we lucky !)

From all I know, there are indefinite layers of consciousness,
from the all-including and underlying ‘Super-Consciousness‘ to the numerous layers of sub-consciousness.
Think of IT this way, and most spiritual teachings & science refer to IT in one form or another.
– consider this as one ‘super-consciousness’ and we all are splinter cells of that consciousness.

Call that super-consciousness God or whatever, but since we’re cells of that super-consciousness,
we are made of the same substance as IT.

Using another Allegorie:  think of God, or ‘The Source’ as an ocean and we are droplets of water,
same material, same substance, just different states of awareness !

– now back to the Iceberg floating in the ocean of ‘super-consciousness’ !

Let’s make it a couple of icebergs, showing us as an interdependent, interactive, social Beings in a
constantly changing motion! An allegory to ‘show & tell’ that everything is connected and a part of The Whole,
that Differences & Diversity belong to the Common Ground as we belong to this planet,
and that the recognition of our sub-consciousness is raising our conscious awareness,
reconnecting spirituality with politics, eco-logy with eco-nomy !

Consciousness Iceberg Allegory

One of the layers of sub-consciousness, is the Collective Sub-consciousness, a distinction  from
the individual-sub-consciousness which again is just a sub-layer of the individual-consciousness etc.

With the awareness of our sub-consciousness
grows the Sense of

As Neurobiology is starting to detect & measure brain functions, the conscious mind usually works with categories of Past & Future at a low processing speed ‘firing‘ only on a few hundred neurons.

The Presence presents itself as a Chaos which we often perceive as an unmanageable overload of information.  Overwhelmingly powerful, this Chaos is seems to be untameable, uncontrollable and unstoppable…liquidcurl1

 – like the oceans, the wind & time

We can not possess the moment of NOW !

The divine ‘Chaos‘ is the natural Order of Life.

Consciousness is the part we have developed and trained to create a certain order,
our illusive Order to gain ‘control‘ of this Chaos.

Here we deal with the causality of historic events and the logic reasoning of science trying to project the future.
Since our conscious processing speed is very limited, our projections & creations are also very restricted…
– it just works on the levels of time-frames & space-margins, within our hierarchic order of importance & values.

Still dominated by -, and trapped in this Linear Order of thinking, we are afraid of everything what represents
another order, a ‘Disorder‘ or Chaos, something we can not control or possess.
Our Subconsciousness is mainly responsible for dealing with this Chaos of the present moment.
Our Subconsciousness has excepted this chaos as a Reality and respects it as the ‘True Order of Life’

The Sub-consciousness is our rapid response & guidance system , a ‘compass‘ in Chaos !



The Subconsciousness works indiscriminately within this Chaos, operating beneath or beyond conscious awareness,
working automatically with a firing power of about 100 billion neurons!
This powerful Subconscious mind is responsible for all our ‘day to day’, more or less, ‘automatic’ activities.
Responsible, not only for our body functions like heartbeat, breathing, digestion etc.,
but also controlling our reflexes and the multi-sensory of our Social-Emotional ‘Intelligence’
Neurobiologists have found that anytime a monkey performs a complex action such as reaching for a peanut,
pulling a lever, pushing a door, etc., a whole set of neurons will start firing for the different actions.

Most of these neurons control motor skills, but now, two Italian scientists, Rizzolati & Gallasse discovered,
that a sub-set of these neurons will fire even when the monkey watches another monkey perform the same action

In essence, these neurons are part of a complex network that allows us to see the world ‘from another persons point of view’, hence the name Mirror Neurons

These Mirror Neurons, some call them Empathy Neurons,
dissolve the barriers between the Self & Others.
he individual vs. the Collectiveis the basic discipline of all ethical systems and philosophies.

Now, neurological research implies that ‘Mirror Neurons’ provide us with rational & emotional reasons,
rather than religious grounds for ethics or a Rule of Law…

– This is our Social-Emotional Intelligence !

As the 5-sensory, physical body needs nurturing, so does our multisensory, spiritual Being need
Emotional Resonance to grow & develop our social functions, training the ‘Empathy Neurons’
thru eye-contact,  human voice, etc. etc.  – and not to forget the Pheromones of  scent.
Today we know that fear, stress & anxiety reduce the signal rate of our ‘Mirror Neurons’,
and can consequently damage our emotional resonance severely.

The majority of our Sub-conscious programming begins well before birth and within the first 7 years of our life.
After that, our Linear Culture has declared war against the questioning
of our ‘uncontrollable‘ & ‘illogical3I’s of sub-consciousness:3Is

Whatever this sub-consciousness brings up into the open,
has to be controlled, – like a just-play vs. the rules of the game.
Whenever we want follow our inner voice, the untamed & unlicensed System-of-Choice,
it becomes Heresy, and is demonized as Anarchy & CHAOS.

We are not teaching the ‘Fundamentals of Life’ anymore, me are conditioning our future generations
to function properly in a hierarchic order, and to serve as cannon fodder in a global ‘economy‘.

Now most of us have forgotten Who & What we really are,
– spiritual beings having an earthly experience; enjoying the ride and learning lessons.

When the Buddha said we’re whole and complete as we are,

He is right !

There is nothing wrong with the world,

– only thinking makes it so.



AWAKE, with your I’s wide open,

and enjoy the ride !

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