about my writings of conceptual metaphors

In the wake of the greatest economic & ecologic crisis
mankind has ever faced, I would like to share some
Insight & Vision with you.

(John 1.1): ‘In the Beginning was the Word…
                    – and the Word became Flesh’.
This Beginning of Matter became the materialistic paradigm
which dominates all aspects of our life today.

The Logic of this Reality starts with Logos, the word, and any of its Logic begins with naming a Question

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Before the internet, and long before there were written laws or printed books around,
our ancestors had developed very efficient, verbal & nonverbal techniques
to  share and hand-down their experiences & knowledge to future generations.
The ancient art of storytelling has always played a very important role in the evolution of mankind.
For thousands of years, these tales were the main teaching tool of human societies,
and with time we have developed quite sophisticated techniques to communicate
the more complex concepts of abstract ideas & theories.
Conceptual metaphors are considered to be a  cognitive linguistic, and are commonly used to characterize or describe more complicated processes in a simple & undiscriminating  fashion.
These metaphors shape, not just our communication, but also our way of thinking & behavior.

These pages try to encourage a fundamental change of thinking, a shift in your paradigm of perception.

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