a basic Question about…

the Philosophy of Entitlement & Possessions

One of the biggest problems humanity has to solve
is its view on Ownership, Possession & Demarcation incl. all
the Believe Systems & Paradigms we have build around it.
From Jericho and the Great Wall of China to the Berlin Wall,
from the US-Mexico Border back to Jerusalem, they remind
us of our inability to resolve our social-economic conflicts.
These structures reflect the insensitivities of expansion,
conquest & destruction.
These Fences stand for the hierarchic, chauvinistic beliefs,
strong & firmly conditioned into our sub-conciousness.
They represent the completely outdated philosophies of
segregation and human domination.
A pitiful state of mind, unable to cope with the enormous
economic & ecologic problems the world is facing today.
To take down these Walls & Fences, to heal & change
our mind, we need an alternative perspective on life
a new perception ‘in-tune’ with our environment !

The question here is:
? Who Build the Fence around Paradise ? 

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