A love for wisdom…

or the Importance of Philosophy for everything we do,  

– right Here & Now !

– Greek (philosophia)= love of wisdom

“…Philosophy is critical reflection and inquiry… to create meaning and purpose. Always remembering, there is as many such meanings and purposes as there are people to pursue them.…” – AC Grayling

A Foreword

I consider the observations on ‘Philosophy’ to be a very important part of my endeavor here.
Psychology & Philosophy are pivotal points, strong bearings for our ‘Compass in Chaos’ ,
– key elements in solutions for the future, – gateways to sustainability & abundance of life.
My attempt to share some of these, in essence very different & complex ideas of nonlinear thinking,
also requires a different approach in the way of communicating these issues.
In order to reach-out to a wider spectrum of people, with all kinds of mental pre-conditioning,
my writings have to be simple & clear but without getting simplistic.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
When the solution is simple, God is answering.” Einstein

The urgency of the matter makes it absolutely necessary to share & discuss some of these
new ideas of  ‘Integral Theory-A New Integral Paradigm & Ecopsychology.
To make this understandable we have to become more sensitive, and activate & integrate as
many different levels of consciousness or awareness as possible.
Here is a new script for a truly wholistic Philosophy of Change, a recipe for sustainability,
something that also ‘makes sense’ in context of applied social economics.
In this sense, here you can find the ‘translation’ of organic processes & patterns
into working concepts & applications…   – for future ventures of any kind.
Here I am tying together some loose ends, making the connections, weaving a network
for a tapestry of simple, natural patterns. Spider web network

This is a comprehensive & multidimensional layout for
a non-linear, permeable & fluid ‘Philosophy in Motion’,
the paradigm shift we so desperately need.

True Stability is Constant Motion;
The patterns of eternal life,
create a sustainable flow of energy.




this site wants to show :
– how we got off-balance with our ‘Self’, and tangled-up with the Entanglements of Life.
– how we manipulated & discriminated our Social Emotional Intelligence
by imposing a Law & Order of entitlements & appropriation.
– how we restricted the flow & motion of body, mind & spirit with the philosophies of a monoculture.
– how we got into disharmony with our environment by preaching beliefs of hierarchy & dominance;
– how we disconnected ourselves from eternal Life by building mental & physical barricades.

Here I explain how you & me can overcome these handicaps by braking down these walls & fences
of mental & physical addiction & enslavement.

It is easier than you think to find the balance & harmony we need, and to begin the healing process,
– the paradigm shift into Real Insight & Education, True Economics & ‘Green’ Technology.
Since an access point, a pivotal connection to this idea can be found anywhere & anytime,
the cross-links have to be woven like a spider-net-work with your


 – the detail leads to the complex, as the complex leads to the detail !

My use of Allegories & Metaphors should stimulate the 3I’s of the reader.
Highlighted quotes, phrases & slogans should encourage thinking & contemplating
about their contents & meaning…      – Same with pictures & video clips!


I believe that the nature of a true wholistic approach
has to be simple and easy understandable to everybody.
Because of their discriminating & hierarchic nature,
I try to avoid the complicated esoteric mambo-jumbo
normally associated with such matter,
and I dismiss any highly academic language or
intellectual rhetoric as discriminating!


– Elitism & opportunism are the common result, hiding their true motivation,
– the
commercialized distribution of knowledge & skills.

Because of the ‘depth’ and the fundamental substance of these issues, I like to give clear,
linguistic definitions on Wikipedia and via other hyperlinks. In regards to the multicultural,
global & timeless relevance of these pages, I like to overcome & erase mental & physical barriers,
combine rather than divide, cooperate & share rather than compete & exploit.

I am trying to address not only ‘the left and the right side’, but all layers, sides & angles of the brain,
equally stimulating emotions & rationality in order to balance & harmonize the human condition,
– Your multisensory experience of being here & now in a social, cultural, & personal context.

                                          Please do not look for answers or ‘solutions‘ here !
The answers are between the lines, behind the words, beyond the pages… in You and out there!
We had enough rules & regulations in political ideologies & doctrines, enough restrictions & limitations in religious dogmas and philosophies… But this is our past, the history we can learn from; – not so much from historic events or cultural celebrities as from the ideas behind all this.

There is no room for ‘Solutions-in-a-Box’ anymore !

But there are ‘Solutions-in-Progress’, a ‘Philosophy-in-the-Making
a response to our Quest 4 Belonging, – the Belonging IN
& TO Creation.

I think, a century into relativity, quantum-mechanics & ecopsychology, it is time to change & adapt our general way of thinking to a more mature way of life.  Please open your mind & heart,
and be aware that this is not for educated minds only, but for all the mature & ripe people out there,
meaning & purpose in their life.

On these pages you can  find answers to the fundamental, philosophic question of Free Will or Choice;
– realizing and excepting the fact that we, as individuals, can choose freely to belong to
our environment, the Creation-in-Total, and to be a part of the whole Process-of-Life itself.
Our longing for happiness & bliss can only be satisfied in conjunction,
connection & cooperation with- and within our collective environment’

Ecology, – OUR study of organic relationships,
and Economy, – OUR management of these relationships, as well as
Psychology, are a vital & interactive part of…
 – the
philosophic ‘Solutions-on-the-go’.

A Network of constant communication, sensitive response and careful cooperation with OUR environment makes us true co-creators of harmony & balance in life…

– this eternal Motion IS the Sustainability we are looking for !

Hanna Höch







Thoreau once wrote:
“To be a philosopher, is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school…
It is to solve some of the problems of life, not theoretically, but practically.”

 Love for Wisdom

            – is our general quest for purpose, reason & meaning

the Hagia Sophia, the Wisdom of the Greeks should not be underestimated.
The Holy Sophia or the Holy Spirit of Christianity
has always played a mayor role in our personal lives and has influenced

our collective-consciousness & subconsciousness substantially.
Since the dawn of human consciousness, SHE is fundamental to everything we do, from science, technology & commerce to politics, health & education… – The spirit of Humanity !

Philosophy and the Sense of Wisdom

Philosophy is at the core of all conscious thinking, a part of the digestive systems of the mind.
Without Philosophy, a format of thoughts and linguistic concepts, the mind can not  develop
a ‘Sense of Wisdom’, the sensitivities it needs to be aware & apprehend.
Without Philosophy there is no Consciousness !

Philosophy is considered to be a rational, logic & systematic approach to the fundamental issues of life.
Philosophy synthesizes & translates the essence of collected knowledge and assembled  wisdom
into a comprehensive format, transforms it into a meaningful process and creates a concept
which ‘makes sense
                                – in context of responsibility & relationship,
– in regards to circumstances & environment.

Looking at the challenges of today, new circumstances & environmental issues require a
fundamentally new relationship to life and a completely new response to everything.
We need a completely new philosophic approach,
a Philosophy which follows the natural & organic patterns of balance & harmony
with digestive solutions which constantly relate & adapt to the dynamic energy of life.

A Philosophy of Life in Motion!

What is a SOLUTION ?
A Solution implicates:  – a dissolution or dissolvement of components into a liquid state.
Consequently, Real Solutions for today can not be solid, rigid or static in any way or form,
they are not formulas limited to a box or can, not equations with a final result or a theory as in:
– ‘a fact-finding work in progress’.
No, a Solution is like a healing process, taking all theories, formulas & knowledge into consideration, mixing it with Imagination, Intuition & Inspiration and putting it to work,
using our ‘Sense of Wisdom’ in the Chaos of Here and Now.

Using our Imagination…

   – like the natural patterns
of running Water
or a burning Flame ,
Solutions have to be liquid,
shapeless and in-motion
to fuel & energize our
future philosophies,
to ignite our ‘Love for Wisdom’
with life.




Science & technology can send rockets to space,  – and burn themselves out;
but  Imagination is free to ‘reach for the stars’ at all times, – with no limitations and pure joy.

Listening to our Inspirations
– coming from within and not thru propaganda or intelligent marketing schemes, driven by ideas of possessions. A 6000 year old philosophy of ultimate control thru Law & Order, trying to enslave us with debt &addictions.
The Inspiration is the power, our ‘rocket fuel’ taking our Imagination to the next level, the creativity to co-creation.

Following our Intuitions…
– our instinct, our natural guidance system is calibrated to harmonize & balance our lives with our environment.
Our Intuition has to be set-free and reconnected with the spiritual world,
our collective subconsciousness, our brothers & sisters in Nature.

Emotional Consciousness and Knowledge
are needed to make the shift
from a fight for survival to
a way of living in Harmony & Balance ! 

The Process…

– from a scientific discipline of stagnation to a Philosophy of Life in Motion

Don’t misunderstand, ‘learning from mistakes’ is part of the process of experience
and therefore absolutely necessary for stability & continuation, the sustainability we are all longing for.
Call it an ‘experiment’, the linear, hierarchic & chauvinistic Philosophies of our
current civilization has arrived at the End of their own visions & prophecies.
The simple reason for that is an underlying philosophy of separation,
limitation & restriction, with constant affirmations of entitlements & possessions.
Running around in 2 dimensional circles, reinventing the linear hierarchic order of dualism & causality;
Same old ideas just painted with new colors, ecology dressed-up in ‘green’ camoflage…
over & over again.

On a ‘one-way’ street of differentiation & distinction,
we finally ended-up at a ‘Dead-End’ of segregation & discrimination.
Consequently the ‘values’ of Right & Wrong, Good & Bad  ended-up in a Law & Order system
which was simply designed to deal with the entitlement & distribution of possessions.
The vocabulary ranges from Beginning & End, Reward & Punishment, Growth & Success to Collapse & Failure, all describing Polarization & Duality , the main characteristic of a Linear Paradigm.

Back in time, when men developed rules of systematic order with Evaluation, Differentiation &  Comparison
between the measurements of time, distance & weight, these new skills &  knowledge
had to be brought into a logic context & relationship with the spirituality of their time.
Purely materialistic ambitions had to be justified with ‘natural’ laws of a divine Order.
These laws, now ‘written in stone’, imprison our minds with dogmas & doctrines.
Philosophy became a static discipline of science, now preaching & teaching the Gospel
of Possessions and all the other Ideologies of growth & expansion.

Now history is full of lessons about misinterpretations & misunderstandings of natural patterns & phenomenons.
Many theories, beliefs & philosophies have been proven wrong at a later stage and under different circumstances. After a closer look, mainly by scientific research, views had to be
revised, rules had to be changed, and laws had to be corrected.
Natural, respectful curiosity turned into self-confident, arrogant scientific research, and pretty soon got into conflicts with religious authorities and their control mechanism.
Open war broke out between Heresy & Inquisition, Creation vs. Evolution…
But as in any natural pattern, both sides influenced, undermined & infiltrated each other until we arrived
at a more homogeneous solution, the belief in the ‘science of economics’

 Today the Law & Order of a Free Market Economy’ dominates the globe, a cancerous belief system which eats-up its devotees and their habitat, where the paraphiliacs of society have to go to war to defend their beliefs in Peace, Freedom & Democracy;
– the Philosophy of complete Sickos.

A long time ago a logic, rational thinking method helped to transform nomadic hunters & gatherers
into food producing agricultural societies. The great spiritual & physical accomplishments
of this ‘linear thinking’ got more complex as farmers & herders needed new systems
of organizing & governing their new, rapidly growing, societies.
Reflecting these new logistic needs and all the social political problematic associated with it, a pure & simple spirituality had to be transformed & solidified with a philosophy of law & order, the monotheistic religion of Abraham & Moses: – the Religion of Property !

Now this 8,000 year old paradigm
of monotheism & monoculture
became the dominant Philosophy on Earth,
our monopoly of Globalization,
with a monotony of a Dessert.


The dilemma started when we took some of these new skills, accomplishments and ‘scientific’ revelations, turned them into static concepts and characterized them as the Real Truth – ‘Nothing but the Truth’ with no changes, movements or future developments built-in…        ‘The Rock’

St. Peter the Rock






These rudimental skills of logic analyses & rationalization, came like an awakening to the human mind
and had to be brought in context and systematic order with the spiritual world of their time.

The discovery & ‘understanding’ of, so called, ‘Natural Laws’, and the ability to  scale,
measure & predict outcomes was a powerful and very useful revelation to our ancestors.
This all came like a ‘Divine Gift’ from the ‘Heavens above’.
These new gained mental skills became now very valuable intellectual possessions
and had to be preserved & inherited to future generations.

Written in stone, this new monotheistic, hierarchic world-order of Possessions was handed-down as a
perfectly ‘logic’ system, a complete concept, a linear paradigm locked in a ‘golden Box’
– a powerful knowledge for a few privileged , a religion for the rest of it.
Purely materialistic ambitions were transformed into a belief system of segregation & domination.

As anything else was dissected, separated & divided, simple teaching was transformed
into an Education system which is now the demarcation line between:
– the Chosen-Ones and the Serfs,
– the Shepherds and the Sheep,
– the Righteous and the Sinners.
An Education system which is now serving as a selection process, putting everybody into his place & roll
by a sophisticated process of conditioning…
   – taking away the only freedom we have, the free choice,
– denying us a priceless access to the abundance of life,
just in order to manufacture more ‘Productive Members of Society’;
meaning, – creating a more or less ‘skilled’ workforce for the ‘Chosen-Ones’,
Cannonfood for the Emperor, a commodity for the Banksters & Oligarchen of this World.

This new ‘Divine Order’, mixed with the right amount
of egoism & shrewdness became the perfect solution
for some opportunists to create their new societies
of Haves & Not-haves, Bullies & Cowards,
hypocrites & dummies, and finally an
Elite-in-Power vs. the People-in-Debt.


A new scientific discipline was born, – the Philosophy or a so called ‘Love-for-Wisdom’.
Concealed in a beautiful name, this was the right tool for the spiritual  justifications
of physical & mental & possession.

Different Philosophies where created,
Strictly Religion, the divine law and Order of Property for the cheep, the subdued, uneducated, ‘blue-collar’ cannonfood;
Theology & Atheism for the more ‘intelligent’ leaders & administrators of society; the ‘educated’ ‘experts’, the professional politicians & scientists, just arguing in the good old dialectic fashion of this Linear paradigm about the rights & wrongs of Law & Order
‘Philosophies’ with secrete & esoteric knowledge for the high-society of the elite, the celebrities of our culture.
– Some new Philosophies just turned egoism into egotism where the empowered Self is the center of the universe.

Most of their ‘valuable time’ is spend with justification & promotion of a certain order,
formulating ethics about access & distribution of possessions;
revising, fixing & correcting old theories, ripping down old, inefficient barriers, just to rebuild
more & better new walls & containments…      over & over again.


The real Love for Wisdom lost their vitality!
Not offering any real solutions for the questions of today, most people got finally bored
with the repetition of these theories & ideologies and turned to consumption.
The issues around the entitlement to ‘Food & Entertainment’ keeps the majority mentally occupied.
The guilt & debt they developed with the irresponsible exploitation & destruction of their habitat,
the ecosystems of this planet, keeps everybody enslaved.
Critical reflection & inquiry and how to pursue happiness in life is not part of our standard education anymore.

In the absence of these basic teachings, happiness was replaced by ‘having fun & success’.
An honest quest for belonging is answered by inexplicable rules and senseless regulations.
A culture in a bubble of illusion produces properly conditioned ‘members of society’ to follow a,
so believed, ‘productive life’ with good deeds of growth & expansion, wealth & success.
Teaching Lessons became Training Sessions!
A training system with sophisticated processes of reward & punishment, fear & conquer, designed to
condition future generations to except the idea of limitations & restrictions of matter & mind,
obeying the hierarchic law & order of the land.

Without wisdom there is no spirit, and
Without spirit – life stands still.

 Our Love for Wisdom arises from knowledge & experience, where a mental digestive process
includes everything from comparison & evaluation to free choice.
Wisdom uses & cross-links all disciplines of research and connects
all processes of recognition & communication.
Together with psychology, the principles of philosophy govern all aspects of health & education, commerce, science & technology.

Since humans are considered to be ‘Social Beings’, and because Philosophy includes the study of relationship in all of creation, HER studies focus on the fundamental interactions in human societies,
– how we deal with our ‘fellow man’.
Consequently, Philosophy is inseparable from Psychology, Social-studies or Politics etc.,
– a true wholistic & integral approach to life.
the shape, format, & orientation of any organization we form is determined by the values & ethics of all
the individuals creating it.
We should not forget that the dynamic & energy of this new movement or organization is generated by
the compilation of many ideas, dreams & visions.
A interactive process constantly adapting & changing,
shaping & forming the individual wisdom of the co-operant
and their Collective Philosophy in Motion.
This Dynamic is created by our longing for life in Harmony & Balance with everything & everybody.
The awareness of all this is driven & fueled by our

Love for Wisdom or Philosophy in Motion…

“All Nature’s difference keeps all Nature’s peace.”   Alexander Pope

I hear people say, “oh, I‘m not interested in politics”, forgetting and ignoring the fact that politics starts
right in the family and ends at global economics.
From how we deal with our parents, partner & kids to school, work or business, from our daily activities
in church, clubs and political parties to our interaction with pets, green spaces
and natural environment, this is, in some form or another, – politics.
All of this is governed by our personal and collective beliefs, our worldview (Weltbild), dreams & visions.
This includes the whole spectrum of values, ethics & morals, all created & designed by
our philosophies.

‘This is the Place’ & Time where a real and fundamental change has to emerge.
Our ‘Love for Wisdom’ is the pivotal point where the ‘learning from Insight’ and a ‘vision for the future’ meet,
where the power of Imagination, Intuition & Inspiration are transformed into new energies
of Integration, Interaction & Incorporation…
– now becoming the co-creation & co-production of the future !

In philosophy, we find the essence of humanity, where the awareness rises over the horizon of subconsciousness.
Philosophy is an ongoing process of Reasoning & Quest, where the individual meets the collective.

Nothing is Finished,
but Everything is Perfect.
Nothing is Complete,
but Everything is Completely Perfect,
– Pefectly Moving on…

just have a deep look and listen carefully…

Be Aware of everybody
who charges you for
Knowledge & Wisdom !

For mindful reflection & conversation feel free to contact me

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