The ‘Elephant’ Truth

      Yes, it is not easy
to handle the Truth,
it needs skill and
a Sense of Balance.

 We have lost the sense for ‘Real Truth’, or
the awareness of its existence, long time ago.
And it is always that point in time,
when the ideas & philosophies of Entitlement,
of  Righteousness & ‘Chosen-Ones’ begin to
corrupt our social intelligence.

This Sense, Awareness & Consciousness mutated & degenerated into concepts of marginalization,
and systems of outlining the limitations of Reality. This new, suppose-to-be Real Truth
divided everything into false & true, right & wrong, good & evil.
We replaced the complexity of Conscience with a bunch of  simplistic LAWS,
created by some sociopathic minds, just to establish their narrow minded ORDER of domination .

Most of us haven’t even realized that the Separation from our environment,
a segregation of the Haves from the Have-Not’s, and the alienation all the OTHERS,
the sinners & underprivileged, has lead us into the economic & ecological mess of today.

Like ‘the War defeats the Warrior’,
Dysfunction, Incompetence & Failure of Law & Order became  the Great Paranoia,
the confusion, numbness, & disorientation – a ‘Chaos’ of Consciousness.
Nature does not move within the limitations of Law & Order,
Nature is Functional, Competent & Successful, a constant Motion in Harmony & Balance !

Real Truth is an organic process of change,
and can only be found in the consciousness of a responsible mind.
Real Stability is constant Motion,
and requires us to reverberate in Balance & Harmony.

A hierarchic belief system has given us a false sense of Truth,
outdated Ethics of Law & Order with limited visions & awareness,
and rigid Concepts of growth & expansion.

Just look around, cell-phone technology, satellite TV & – surveillance, the worldwide web & virtual  reality,
we are almost undetectable approaching the ‘brain in the vat’, a ‘Matrix’ scenario,
where all functions will be literally at our fingertip…
– ‘inhumane’ wars via satellites & killer drones.
As we become dissolved in cyberspace, isolated & disconnected from any emotional resonance,
we are also lose our social-emotional-intelligence, our ‘Sense of Wisdom’, and are now
in dissonance & imbalance with ourselves and the rest of creation ?

Does anyone see the Elephant in the Room ?

Seriously, the Truth is:

– We are so disconnected from true Life that we haven’t realized
that Sustainability is just a constant balancing motion.

A person can only see his or her “truth” limited to their relative position, that as a human being,
culturally  conditioned, socially trained, linguistically molded, historically constructed.

We then take our ‘Truth’, our religion, our philosophy, our moral & ethical codes, our political ideas,
our science, and so on, and view them as our absolutes, without perceiving the Whole.
And we do this so seriously, – SERIOUS is an understatement, for we die and kill for our ‘Truth’ which we consider absolute, when in reality, it is only relative, while we are failing to perceive the Whole.
This type of seriousness is without humor and off-balance, a sign of ignorance,
– the ‘Greek Tragedy’ without the Comedy.

Life became Survival, a Tragedy of misconstrued relative truths perceived as absolutes.
– To counter-balance, life must be viewed as Tragedy & Comedy.

Failure to cease our ‘seriousness‘, in our so-called truths prevents us from perceiving our truths as relative ‘parts‘, and not as the ‘whole‘, resulting in the wars you’re reading about everyday.
Absolutes are partial observations, which ultimately have to find their limitations in ‘The End’,
in war & destruction of ‘The Apocalypse’.

Ignorance, surrounded by intellectualism & science, with political, national & divine authority or by whatever we consider of most importance, still remains ignorance, – all in our serious view that lacks humor.
I think that Humor & Laughter, is something that comes from the depths of the soul,
the existential laughter of painful angst, of reverent awe, or in a Paradox of both,
an empty, circular void and yet a restful content of Being.
Humor & Laughter are both a madness of the soul, coupled with the insightful wisdom of higher Awareness.
Ironically, each Truth we perceive to be true is only a relative part of a greater Whole,
a Whole that cannot be explained by  Linear Thinking, logic or language,
but can only be seen in pictures, symbols,images, metaphors – experience not explanation.
But to understand the big picture is to take in the contradictions, to perceive the sudden images of Intuition.

The Whole is the larger picture and “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In other words, Linear Thinking & language cannot convey, not even close, what the ‘flash’ of holistic Intuitive pictures & images can do.
– imagery, symbolism & Metaphors convey flashes of insight, sudden bursts of high intensity thoughts which occur in an instant, born out of nowhere, far greater than all linear thought.
Uncontrolled Imagination & Intuition that is born and created from LIFE itself.

And here now the six blind men touching the different parts of an
elephant and their interpretations of what an ‘Elephant’ looks like:

So, how serious do you take the above interpretive views? Your views?
Do you have the humor to recognize your views – your most cherished truths – as limited, non-absolute, just relative in relation to the whole – ‘Elephant ‘ ?
All of the above views are correct in themselves. An ear is an ear, a trunk is a trunk, a tusk is a tusk,
a body is a body, and yet they are only components. They all completely miss the ‘BIG PICTURE’,
the non-conceptual, non-linear, picture which is necessary for clearer, integral & holistic perception.
Linear-Thinking can never determine the whole, it must be joined with Intuition – the flash of creation from ‘nowhere’. And yet, this is not logical.

Unfortunately, the majority of humanity does perceive their reality only in a linear function, for the reality they perceive is limited to discursive & rational.
Linear-Thinking & language are no doubt beneficial and necessary, but only when they are perceived with imagery, symbolism & metaphorical-insight, – this is Imagination & Intuition,
our psychic abilities to perceive the greater Whole.
This way we can transform intolerance, nationalism & dogmatism,
dissipate political-, social-, cultural-, scientific-, absolutism & exclusivity.

We can Imagine the relativity in truth, shift our moral restraints of repression, move away from our ego-& ethno-centric relationships and view the world holistically towards peace & tolerance.
Realizing our Belonging to the Whole we can now continue our evolution towards a higher consciousness.

Imagine no Possessions,…

A truly wholistic concept of balance & harmony
has no Beginning & End, it completes a cycles.
Completion is the absence of ‘the End’!

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