Who Build the Fence around Paradise ?

What we are facing today is a mental or psychological problem,
seeded way before the creation of Monotheism.
It is a ‘mutation’ or disease of our social-emotional-intelligence
and has cause all these imbalances & disharmonies in Life.
Our religious beliefs are just the result of a very corrupted spirituality.

 → Homo Sociopathis – the Pathology of a mental Disease

here for example:

a  Foreword about the Philosophy of Entitlement & Possession !

I’m glad they are starting to talk about Entitlements again.
Even coming from the reactionary end of the spectrum, it remains one of the unsolved issues of today,
one of the fundamental Questions we have to solve sooner or later.

What does these Entitlements really mean to us ?
A closer look at the linguistic implications of the word show a clear association
to the legal terms of a ‘Rightful Ownership’.
This again is based on the ‘Divine Order’ of an old monotheistic belief system which is still viciously
defending the idea of a selective & hierarchic distribution of spiritual & materialistic properties.
The term ‘Entitlement’ refers to a notion or belief that one is deserving some particular
Rights & Rewards, granted by some ‘’Higher Authority’.
Opportunism & Righteousness, combined with a bunch of ‘religious’ justifications,
have now created entire Philosophies around these Entitlements .

Taking, grabbing, looting, using & abusing became the favorite occupation of the ruthless & powerful.
For generations, warlords, emperors & dictators have conquered, invaded & occupied every aspect of creation,
everything which comes in sight or mind, all in the name of ‘Divine Entitlements’

From Moses, Caesar & King George III to Hitler & Gaddafi, from the oligarchs & despots in China,
Russia & Iran to the drug-lords, banksters & war-criminals in Washington and on Wall-Street,

– they are just defending,
  scientifically & legally,
  the unethical & unfair distribution
  of our common wealth & habitat,

  using us as ‘Cannon Fodder’


 Analyzing the origins of this misery is pivotal for any conflict solution.
The ‘remedies’ for the healing process can be found within the Quest itself.
The real answers are buried deep down in our own psyche & soul.
Start digging, educate yourself, and don’t be foolish, whatever they promise you,
there is no help or hope out there. This paradigm has worn itself out,
The experts & leaders of this culture have nothing more to offer,
they just speak in ‘forked tongues’, they are con-artists, bullies & opportunists…
– so ‘keep your eyes peeled‘ and

 The Crucial Point is HERE and NOW !

A weiji indicates a perilous situation when one should be especially wary. It is not a juncture when one goes looking for advantages and benefits. In a crisis, one wants above all to save one’s skin and neck!
Any would-be guru who advocates opportunism in the face of crisis should be run out of town on a rail,
for his / her advice will only compound the danger of the crisis.’
Prof. Victor H. Mair

So, as we can see, this is no Place & Time for Opportunism!


 ‘The Global Land Grabs of 09’

One of the biggest problems humanity has to solve right now, is its view on Ownership, Possession & Demarcation including all the Believe Systems & Paradigms we have build around it.

Until man has not commonly resolved the global distribution of Possessions, he will be stuck in  this, often painful struggle for aBetter Future’his transition to aHappier Place‘.

So far only a few individuals have transcended to this ‘place‘ of Fulfillment, Peace &  Bliss,
and this is what it is, an individual process becoming part of a collective consciousness.

Today all issues are globally, and a concern for the human race collectively;

– but the solutions can only be found locally & individually !

Today we need, in no specific order:

A Re-discovery of our relationship & interdependency with Nature, the powerful ecosystems of this planet ;
A Reidentification with the collective, a fundamental challenge to create new global, social affinities;
A Re-connection with our powerful sub-consciousness to create the necessary Paradigm Shift ;
A Re-unification with our environment, overcoming the divisions & frontiers, braking down the walls to find our Common Dreams on Common Ground, on OUR Planet, in this Universe!


In the adolescent stage of human evolution, roughly the last 10,000 years, man has developed a very useful Linear/Rational Thinking Method, which we now call empiric science:

– A > B > C > D > E –

to get to E we start at point A, step ‘forward’ to B then ‘advance to C, ‘finally reach the End .
– and then WHAT ?…
– Some might ‘progress‘ to the ‘Future‘ and … – you get the drift !?

The ‘CornerStones’ of our World-Vision are made out of Philosophies & Beliefs.

Following the logic of this causal thinking, man has developed a Hierarchic Weltanschauung or HIS Perception of the world.

Hierarchic Perception of Life

To apply & support  this Perception, –‘His’ Worldview, man has designed & constructed a very ridged framework
of Ideas & Beliefs around it, ‘casting & moldingTime & Space according to His Rules & Regulations.

When ideas &become a successful reality for us, we believe in them, and start to identify with them,
– first as an individual, then as a group and eventually as a collective !
When a number of great ideas form more complex patterns, networks
of ‘wisdom’ they become a  Paradigm, a Belief System, a Culture.

The great ‘Gift’ of a linear, rational thinking helped to transform nomadic,
hunter & gatherer societies to food-producing, agricultural societies.
The great spiritual & physical accomplishments of this Linear Thinking got more sophisticated as
Farmers & Herders needed to find new systems of governing their new rapidly growing societies…


– Man developed rules of systematic & hierarchic order,
Evaluation, Differentiation, Comparison & Relationship
between measurements of time, space & weight were established.


To ‘advance‘ to the next Point or level C, this Gift or Knowledge
had to be handed down, inherited by Laws to coming generations.

But in order to do so, they had to claim ownership of this Knowledge,
making these ‘Gifts’  OUR Possessions

Teaching these systems & patterns of structural & systematic thinking
became the foundation of our education & conditioning.
The use of constant, fixed points & conditions became the ‘bearings’ of our scientific thinking…
– our collective  Perception !

– but what about Relativity ?         M.C. Escher 1953

The possession of this Linear Thinking finally found its manifestation in sets of rules & regulations.

Eventually written in Stone (10 commandments, Christian) these rules became Laws, Stone-age Laws,
which now have lost all their dynamics and became almost fictional in today’s context.

This was, or still is,(- cause we still have them) the time of Patriarchy
of Rulers, Kings & Emperors which impose their Ideas & Beliefs onto
their subjects with giving their Orders and dictating their Rule of Laws.

In his dialogs about laws, Plato asks this question :

Who is given the credit for laying down our laws?”


– Now, one can argue that there is a difference between the ‘Rule of Men’ and the ‘Rule of Law’ as Plato did, meaning that nobody should be above the Law.


– OK, but they are still rigid Laws,
and as I am trying to explain here,
even the Laws in a Democracy
are the logic result of a Linear Thinking,
an outdated Belief System
which is at a ‘Dead End’ now


A Belief System which had his relevance in time,
our time, which we call our Human History.


But in view of the enormous economic & ecological problems human kind is facing today,
we have to adopt new Thinking Systems and transform our Beliefs .

Aldous Huxley on…

For centuries Growth & Expansion, the Conquest of new territories and the exploitation of people & resources was the favorite occupation of the powerful & ruthless around the globe.

Whatever or whoever was in the way was overrun or overruled. The endless wars of Colonialism  & Imperialism
are still haunting us and were consequently followed by the wars of Social Political Ideologies or simply wars about the Distribution of Possessions.

We now realize that we have arrived at the Final point E, the End of our Growth &Expansion !

Everything is branded with our footprint and quantity is the only thing that counts,
how much education, fresh water and air, food and energy, time and money we possess,
a belief that people can get rich by putting money to work!’ – ?

– people became a commodity, and anEquation of Quantity’;


– or have we ever seen  quality money ?


As we can see, to improve this economy, hiring and firing of more or less employees, taking more from the resources for less effort, is the only rational solution in this system.

As they say, “The Profit is in the Buying”, or even better, this Deal is a Steal !



We need Simple Answers to the enormous
economic problems human kind is facing today,
let us have a look at the issue on hand.



  The Paradigm Of Possessions

Most of our Laws define & protect  intellectual & tangible possessions, ownership of goods & territories,
living organism or  ‘dead things’, ideas & knowledge, here and on every other planet we can conquer….

Law & Order is protecting Property & Status, not more & not less, passing it on from one generation to another.

The Rules of Law & Order are constantly on our minds, calculations of Possessions,
‘Haves’ & ‘Not-Haves’ completely occupy our brains and leave little room for any other thoughts !
Our lives are possessed by millions of definitions & Demarcations
of who & what is IN, and who & what is OUT,
separating ME & US from YOU & THEM.

Disconnecting & Disenfranchising the whole Universe as we know it.

Then we recognize, if disconnected from the POWER, nothing really works as usual, and the fixing game begins.
New Laws have to be created to justify, correct & dismiss the old ones and so on and so on, again and again…

Depending on the constantly changing circumstances, Laws can, will,
and have to be broken to adapt to the changing conditions !
– Like a chicken braking out-off its eggshell or a sprout out-off its seed.

Today our world  is dominated & influenced by the ideas of the ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS.
Together with subsequent philosophies, moral teachings and other economic & political byproducts,
they have established the principles & guidelines for our collective life on this planet.

This includes our collective conscious & sub-conscious behavior, as well as our political & economic ideas & structures, science & technology, Humanism, Socialism, Capitalism & Democracy…
– They all developed out of these basic religious Believe Systems.
Even the so called Atheism is, in its own reasoning, just a confirmation of this Linear Believe System,
where an Atheist believes in Creation, – yes, his own creation !?
– the Logic & Sense  we commonly use to put things into ORDER….

Forms of this Linear Order are: Evaluation, Distinction, Limitation,
Elimination, Qualification, Selection, etc. of time & space, everything we can sense and put in our perspective,

– our Perception of the world order:

Before – Nothing, Invisible, Unknown

(God) Beginning, Creation, Birth, ‘PARADISE

?- A > B > C > D >E -? – Our Experience of Life

End, Death, ‘PARADISE ‘ ? (God)

After Nothing, Invisible, Unknown

It seems to be in the human nature to put things in this order,
they believe they need to control their environment, the creation.
                                            CREATION ?
– Of course in our Believe System the CREATOR is the FIRST who
comes to mind to claim any ownership to his creation.


– And there we go, Abrahams God, the Creator,
put everything in Order, sorted & divided
everything more or less fair & equally
and consequently put claim to all of this,
with naming it HIS FIRST PROPERTY
Paradise or The Garden Eden”.


Everything was perfect, including the Man (Human)
which HE made in HIS, of course masculine image, the Imago Dei.

To distinguish this first reflection of HIMSELF, HE called him Adam.
Still, this image was not complete until HE made a female companion out of Adams rib.
So Eva was part of Adam, and again we have to remember, in the image of God, in his Trinity incl. the Holy Spirit or also called, the Holy Sophia ! (The Wisdom or female part of God ! )

Now it got tricky, now we had a hierarchy and with two godly impersonations, there was a conflict of interest.

Men vs. God

The First Rule of Law was established: Adam and Eve had eternal permission to access & use everything & anything at anytime in his Garden with one exception, the tree of knowledge or consciousness was taboo ! But then strange things happened, Adam & Eve failed the first test of this rule !
The First Law was broken, the Original Sin was committed,
and consequently the first rule of punishment had to be executed.

Now men not only experienced the chaotic & confusing burden
of having the knowledge of ‘GOOD & EVIL’, but also lost
their eternal life and got evicted from God’s Property, the Garden Eden.

They were not only DOWN HERE & NOW, on Earth,
but they were also LOCKED-OUT, and had to look after themselves.

Everything was quiet confusing ( CHAOTIC ! ? )

BUT, being Gods Creatures, we also received a bunch of Gifts,
our Senses and the Divine Gift of Reflection and Questioning,

wanting-to-have-Knowledge, wanting to know :

? Who Build the Fence around Paradise ?

or the Religion of Property

Who draw the line in the sand we are not supposed to cross ?
Where are we now, – in Hell on earth ?
When can we step over this line and go back to Paradise again ?
How much more do we have to suffer ?
What do we have to do to cross this fence ?
Which way do we go ?
Who is the Gatekeeper ?
Where is the key ?
How much time do we have left ?

“How many Rivers do we have to cross
before we can talk to the Boss ?”

For their time & place, these and other similar illustrative Parables of Creation were quite sophisticated and became a window into the Soul or Psyche of our ancestors.

At one point in human development, in the transition from Hunters & Gatherers to Herders & Farmers, we also transformed to a monotheistic Believe System.

In the beginning Mankind had to be very practical & adaptable, morality & Ethics were functional & dynamic.
Metaphors & Allegories were used in plays & tales to communicate Visions & Ideas. Stimulating Imagination & Intuition was necessary to keep-up & in-tune with the ever-changing flow of Life, the Inspiration & key for survival !

Yes, people lived the longest time without
the ’10 commandments (Islamic version)’,
they had functional social structures
which allowed them to survive the harshest
environmental challenges, and even
sustain a collective enslavement.

Without the possession of written Laws people were able to organize
mass movements (Exodus) revolts, civil disobedience, making new
rules and breaking the laws of the day.

This time they broke out of the fertile Nil garden, jumped the fence,
stepped over the line of imprisonment into the freedom of a desert.
Moses had the vision, the key, if not to Paradise but to a Promised Land.

With success comes confidence.

Believing that Moses method was ‘the way to go’, they had to
establish new rules, their very own rules & commandments.

Adapting to the new situation, these Laws had to define their own
cultural structure & believe system. Collectively they had to
distinguish themselves from other tribes, races & religions.

But with confidence often comes arrogance.

(- Doesn’t all this sound like teenage puberty ?!)

They were the chosen ones, ruled and guided by a jealous God which in His own words admitted that He was just one of many Gods which all had their own realm to govern.

The beginning of monotheism was nothing more or less then a mystified justification of another hierarchic structure of the time. Gods Law created new Nations, Kingdoms & Empires.
In HIS name new Continents & Souls were conquered & exploited.
For HIM, and under HIS watch endless wars were fought against
Evil & Infidels, and are still fought against Every-OTHER-thing.

Belonging to Him and answering to His Messengers & Gatekeepers, was the ultimate justification for the divine, hierarchic world order, a culture of mobbing & bullying !
The foundation for Feudalism, Imperialism, Fascism & Capitalism were laid and with it, in good Hegelian Dialectics, also for Socialism, Communism & Democracy.

And haven’t we all seen this repeating it self over & over again, just with new names & new numbers, same horrible wars for new possessions, –‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’,
centuries of old feuds & vendettas !?

‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.’  Einstein

Over and over again

Deriving from these rudimentary, hierarchic thought-patterns of this Linear Believe System,
generations of men have developed a very rigid & limited philosophical & theoretical framework,
the foundation for all our scientific schools, theories & laws.

This paradigm now dominates our Planet completely,
and is, in its ultimate materialistic form, at a Dead End !

This idea of a Hierarchic World-Order,
together with the belief in Inherited Ownership,
has created abnormal imbalances & dysfunctions
in the human mind.
Degenerating into a full-blown mental illness,
infecting the entire psychosomatic behavior of a
social species, this disease has spread like a cancer.
Now this twisted & warped perception of life,
fueled by subsequent ideas of social ‘economics
systematically spread by marketing & ‘Education’,
has mutated into a pandemic of global proportions.


More or less, we all (almost 7 Billions) can sense or know that
the messengers of Prosperity & Success ran out of words,
the Gatekeepers to the Future lost or broke their keys,
the Timekeepers lost their race against the eternal clock and
the Lawmakers are biting their own tails by braking their own laws like crazy dogs and hypocrites.

We “hit the wall” which our Believe System build around us;
the Wall, which keeps our consciousness inside a groomed & tamed ‘World‘,
and out-off the Wild & the Chaos of Nature;
the Fence, which disconnected us mentally from the Harmony of the ‘Garden Eden’,
the Restrictions of Law & Order, which we believe are keeping the terror & danger of evil out-off our lives;
are now keeping us safe & sound locked inside the sorrowful illusion of separateness from eternal life.

Our ability of dualistic thinking and a desire to tame creation became an obsession for human societies,
the Gift of analytical thinking a mental disease, the success of rationality an addiction.

Unless we recognize these fundamental facts, we can not change or transform out of this cage, we will find more excuses to build more walls & fences in Order to protect us.
This ORDER, we still pretend is the only scientifically proven way to progress to the End >!?

As Lao-tzu said,
                          ‘To pretend to know when you do not know is a disease.’

As we witness the current events, we can see that our Hopes
for a Better Future’ are still focusing on Taming-the-Chaos
and Regaining-Control of Growth & Expansion

– Returning to a point in Time & Space, where we believe to have lost our way. Remembering the times when we were fresh & young and the world was still in ‘Order‘ and had no
Boundaries‘, the profits were enormous, and rules could be bend or broken with little consequences.
– The Return to Infantilism !

Banks & Industry call for help to work and earn their way out-off debt by selling us more of their ‘toxic’ products…
– for credit, which is more debt.

Governments and ‘economists’ remain in denial while
we are passing from Democracy to Oligarchy.

All these ‘Experts’, themselves a product of the Linear Culture, are looking for answers up & down the line of historic events, poisoned to repeat the old mistakes over & over again.

The Blind leading the Blind
They do not know because
they have lost their ability,
and were never taught
the art of listening to the 3I‘s
of their sub-consciousness.


“We need to face the way we used the world for our gains, pleasures, satisfactions,” said Dr. Grace Lee Boggs.“This is the way we evolve to a higher stage of humanity. And unless we want to live in terror for the rest of our lives, we need to change our view about acquiring things.”

And unless we are not braking down the walls & fences we have
build in us and around us we will not have access to the Power & Vastness of Life !

We humans have received many ‘gifts’ & abilities, spiritual people simply call them Blessings,
all the resources we now demand to be our Possessions.
Now these Gifts became commodities, values we claim, trade & protect with law & order and our lives.

Together with these possessions we have locked ourselves in & out !

Walls, fences and property-lines are maintained and guarded by
Laws & Paranoia, controlling the doors & windows is our Obsession.


Possessing or being possessed is here the question ?

True Life is unlimited in time & space and can not be possessed,
shaped or altered to fit into anything !
Everything is completely alive, and Life is everything complete,
we are just
ONE with It and ONE part of the Complete.

Any idea of mono-theism, mono-identity or mono-ideology is
simply monotone and ultimately limited !

But being locked-in or locked-out is just a perspective …
– Perspective is just an imaginable Positioning of our-Self.
Imagination is a doorway or window to the other side , the door to the insight of yourself the individual –I, and the window reaching out to the common, our collective – You!

We have to be OPEN, open-up to receive Goods & Gifts, and not just from 9:00am to 5:00pm Mo.-Fr.!
No, the ‘Blessings’ are wild, they do not know Time & Space,- they are just there, and  –Time is on Your side !
We need the mutual consent & acceptance of the gifts we all share !

-the Quest for Meaning, Truth & Belonging…

The Longing to be connected with the POWER of LIFE,
TO-BE-ONE with Life, the eternal Motion and to be part of the Complete.

Now we have to rethink the distribution of our Gifts & Resources,
reject the property ladder and the commoditization of living space.

As we have learned from Life & Nature,
‘there is more than meets the eyes’…

-The invisible, where there is ‘nothing’, frightens us, most people are in Fear of the Out-of-Control, Chaos, things we can not detect or explain, concern us.

Here we ALL (genetically Brothers & Sisters) have something in common, our Fear of the absence of Order,
– the Disorder, the Unknown, the invisible Dark-side, -Nothingness. We are constantly looking for comforting explanations, ways to overcome these anxieties, to conquer & master our Fears.

Then, in our quest for answers or explanations, we make  the discoveries,
have our Enlightenments, we bring light to the dark Black holes.

Nothingness frightens us more than loneliness.
As we all know, forests & jungles are quiet chaotic everything interacts, grows and function naturally,
still it can be frightening for people who want or have to bring order into this wilderness,
conquering, harmonizing & incorporate everything there is.

But constant Motion, constant Change of state & direction, adapting & evolving, interacting with the powers of Universe, that is the radiant Dynamic of Life and true Stability.

Like the water…

Now these God-Creators are tangled-up in Patent-Rights & Copyright infringements…
– coming back to the idea of Teenagers, facing the reality of being close to become grownups soon.

Let us have another look at the diagram of :

– our Perception of the world order:

BeforeNothing, Invisible, Unknown

(God) Beginning, Creation, Birth, PARADISE

?- A > B > C > D >E -? -Our Thinking of Life

End, Death, ‘PARADISE’ ? (God)

After Nothing, Invisible, Unknown

What sticks out, is that Beginning & End have the PARADISE’ in common,
and following that lead with the logic of  ‘Eastern Philosophies’,
the Dead – End transforms to a New Beginning, a Re-birth, a Re-incarnation !


But still, this is NOT what I am talking about !

That would still be a principle of linear thinking, bending the line to a circle is just a symbol for Infinite.
A Perfect Circle with no Beginning or End, constantly shifting directions until it finishes a Revolution
and arrives back at the point of origins…,
– is still just a 2 dimensional Allegory
for complexity and the multidimensional reality of the ‘Whole’,

                                                                    – the Yin ∞ Yang



Logic will get you from A to B in a certain timeframe…
Imagination can take you anyway, everywhere, anytime.

The 3I‘s -Intuition, Inspiration & Imagination…
represent the Insight & Vision we so desperately need !

Imagination is everything, it is the anticipation & preview of life’s coming attractions.
Imagination is our Vision beyond the Horizon and way-more important than knowledge.
A true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but Imagination.
The only real valuable things anybody can have for free, is Intuition, Inspiration & Imagination.
Ideas are more important than events or people.

Improvise with the 3I‘s…
Improve your eyes & Vision

and let’s erase all these visible and invisible borders in our lives !

“God grant that not only the love of liberty but a thorough knowledge of the rights of man may pervade all the nations of the earth, so that a philosopher may set his foot anywhere on its surface and say: This is my country!Benjamin Franklin

! This is our life !

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